Dealer Joe’s Cheese Empanadas with Cassava Crust

Trader Joe's Cheese Empanadas with Cassava Crust

I suppose if they’ll make tortilla chips out of a nutty, starchy root vegetable like cassava, then empanada crust should not be out of the query both. The feel of this cassava is not chewy per se, but it surely’s only a smidge much less crispy than conventional crust. It did not hassle me in any respect. In truth, I used to be stunned how a lot I appreciated it. It tasted like…effectively, a nutty, starchy root vegetable, however but surprisingly just like a standard, wheat-based bread.

Sonia made two odd feedback in regards to the product when she tried it. The primary was that as quickly as she minimize hers open, it smelled like fish fillet. Um. Okay. I did not get that in any respect. I assumed that meant she did not prefer it, however the subsequent phrases out of her mouth had been one thing about having fun with the product so much and that it was actually good.

The second unusual remark from the wifey was one thing about actually wanting a dipping sauce, particularly a tamarind-based one. Yikes. I actually wasn’t considering of any fixins right here—although I am normally the condiment-craver between the 2 of us—and tamarind was about the very last thing I might have regarded as a dipping sauce.

Some would possibly suppose the filling here’s a smidge on the boring, plain aspect I suppose, however we each liked the ricotta, onion, and spinach combo. To me, it was virtually like a cheese-based spinach dip. That is why I did not crave a dipping sauce I believe. Spinach dip is already a condiment, and you do not dip a condiment in one other condiment, proper?

Two empanadas come within the pack. They seem to be a bit smaller than different empanadas we have seen from Dealer Joe’s, however at about $3 for the field, they seem to be a bit cheaper, too. No meat. No gluten. We would purchase them once more. 4 stars from Sonia. Three and a half from yours actually.

Backside line: 7.5 out of 10.