Trio of Caramelized Nuts by Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Caramelized Nut Trio
I don’t think you need me to remind you that not everything goes according to plan. The same applies to vacations. Sandy and Ashley were visiting San Diego last Thursday. They were planning to attend a “Sandy and Ashley” event.Downtown Taste“Event where we could sample delicious dishes from up to 50 restaurants and tour different neighborhoods. It sounds like a wonderful night. You might have heard of it, but an Arizona utility worker had another idea. He set off to create a Blackouts of massive proportionsAt around 3:30, everything was cancelled in the city, including our dinner plans.* Well, what can you do, right? We turned our backs to Ashley’s apartment and rummaged through all the candles. Then we got out the board games, including three rounds of Life. We all gathered snacks and other food. It was an amazing night. However, we were all relieved when the lights went out at 11 p.m.

It’s like the old saying, When life gives you nuts, you can caramelize them. Or something like this. In the early hours of the blackout we decided to get out the TJ’s Caramelized Nut Trio even though they were one the few protein sources available for God knows how many years. Without power, you (or at least *I*) think about such things. It’s survival, dangit.

Caramelly nuts are great snacks. They are delicious and very easy to eat. All of us were dipping our fingers into the bowl quite often, although me more than the other chicas. The crunchy caramel coating combined walnuts, almonds and cashews was a delicious combination of salty and sweet. I liked the crunchy candy coating, which gave them a solid crunch. There are no major issues with them. But, one thing I did not like was the inclusion of peanuts. It’s fine, but it wasn’t as much as some other mixes. They are a great choice and I would recommend them.

But what about Las chicas? There were three nuts in this mix, literally in the TJ trio, and literally that night in San Diego. I am asking for Sandy’s opinion, as well as Ashley’s, to be our first celebrity guest judge. Sandy enjoyed munching them some but said she would prefer the nuts to be harder and more crunchier. This is similar to the raw almonds that Ashley had on the same night. Ashley agreed with me a little more and thoroughly enjoyed the Nut Trio. “I wish there were other tastes or bits and pieces of something else in it so it’s different every time,” she stated. Although it’s an interesting idea, I don’t think it is necessary.

Three of us have three scores to juggle. Let’s be fair. Each of us will get 3.33 spoons. I’d choose 3 of the 3.33 Golden Spoons if I wanted to try another delicious, irresistible, and nutty TJ snack. Sandy chose 1.5 while Ashley chose 2.5. If I count my toes and carry the 1, that’s…let’s see…a 7/10. This is not bad at any rate.

You stay classy, San Diego.** Link
Final verdict: 7 out 10 Golden Spoons
*Fortunately, we went out the next night to Mama Testa Taqueria in Hillcrest…amazing. Their fresh salsa bar has ten homemade salsas. Each one is delicious and unique. outstanding.
**Especially you, whoever smashed the window of our rental car that night. You made my day for two reasons. I signed up for the damage waiver when renting so it didn’t cost me anything (actually, got). Get your money backFor returning the car a day before then. You also managed to ignore the GPS, iPod and flash camera and ran off with only a bag containing some of your, let’s just say, less desirable dirty clothes. I hope you enjoyed that.