Dealer Joe’s Sweet Cane Joe-Joe’s Darkish Chocolate Bar

Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's Dark Chocolate Bar

Within the spirit of the season, we’ll be making a listing and checkin’ it twice:

Dealer Joe’s. Verify. 

Sweet cane. Sure. 

Joe-Joe’s. Yup.

Darkish chocolate. Texas sized 10-4. 

A chocolate bar with a reputation like Dealer Joe’s Sweet Cane Joe-Joe’s Darkish Chocolate Bar must be enjoyable, festive, seasonal, pleasure inducing. A treatment for what ails ya. It must be a bit of snippet of merriment, a bit of piece of contentment, a bit of chunk of one thing good in a world gone mad. I imply, it is a sweet bar, however actually, are you able to blame anybody for pinning not less than a bit of hopes of one thing optimistic on it. 

Hate to sound grinchy, however that is a bit an excessive amount of for this chocolate bar. It is merely simply okay, kinda good however definitely not nice. Let’s run by means of that record once more and see what’s naughty and good. 

Dealer Joe’s – on the great record! Actually, did you count on something totally different?

Sweet cane. Oh there’s loads of sweet cane, and it is very sweet cane-y. That is an excellent factor. The “generously topped with crushed peppermint” is a little bit of an oversell – I desire the underpromise/overdeliver mannequin of satisfaction personally – however there’s a lot sufficient little sweet cane shard that get all up in there and in tooth crevices and whatnot to make the bar a lot candy-cane’d up. Good and minty and all the pieces. No difficulty.

Joe-Joe’s. Properly, okay, this is the place issues begin going sideways. For the uninitiated, Joe-Joe’s are TJ’s model of Oreos. They’re slightly ridiculously tasty, and featured a lot this time of yr in all kinds of festive choices. However right here? It is actually simply cookie crumbs from the Joe-Joe’s desk. There’s not a number of them, and those current are slightly small. This could possibly be forgiven if Joe-Joe’s creme filling had been in some way included (like a bit of reservoir within the bar itself?) however nope. The cookie essence is totally misplaced because the cookie crumbs aren’t distinguished sufficient in both dimension or style to face out in any respect. It simply appears like one other small crunchy bit that could possibly be attributed to a sweet cane as a substitute. Not sufficient in my guide. 

Darkish chocolate; The same old goodness right here. As common, i may do darker however no complaints. 

There ya have it. For a $1.99 you may do higher for positive, and whereas these will not damage your day, in case your child finally ends up snatching the entire thing to make use of for shingles for a gingerbread home you should not be heartbroken both. Middling rating right here throughout with a double 3. 

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Sweet Cane Joe-Joe’s Darkish Chocolate Bar: 6 out of 10 Golden Spoons.