Dealer Joe’s Butter Toffee Pretzels

Trader Joe's Butter Toffee Pretzels

Let’s have a look at…haven’t got the precise spreadsheet obtainable, so this’ll all be from reminiscence:

Pringles. Baked cheese curls. Most chips. Bitter Patch Youngsters. Most sugary cereal. Peanut butter cups. Enjoyable sized sweet bars. Reese’s Items. Nutella. Cookie butter. Sliced pepperoni. Different issues I am certain…

And add to it Dealer Joe’s Butter Toffee Pretzels.

That is my “don’t purchase” checklist. Not as a result of I do not like them…it is fairly the other downside. It is that I like them an excessive amount of and I really feel like I’ve no alternative however to inhale them if given the prospect.

My goodness. These are irresistible little buggers for certain. Pretzels are already fairly excessive on my checklist, significantly if paired with a bit of cheese…however these are one thing else altogether.

Perhaps it is the crunchiness of the pretzel (strong) combined with the crispiness of the butter toffee shell that is semi-caked on. Perhaps it is the irresistable combo of butter and sugar…critically, that glaze is stuffed with amaze. It is wealthy and sugary with out going too far, and when hit with a healthy dose of salt from the pretzel…man, it is like heaven. I like it. The inherent grainy goodness of the pretzel base ties all of it collectively…I may eat the entire bag and have solely a small dose of guilt. That’d most likely be made up for with a brand new cavity and/or the diabeetus.

Poor Sandy. We picked up a bag final week earlier than she ran the Philly marathon. For the report, she kicked it is bunnytail, and all she wished afterwards was a pair extra of those pretzels …besides I might already destroyed them. Detrimental husband factors have been earned that day. Even now, she obtained one other bag, and I promised her I might sneak just one or two earlier than penning this evaluate to “remind myself of the style.” I omitted the phrase “handfuls” although. And I promised her she may have the remainder…perhaps I am going to simply should get my very own.

Superior little snack for certain. Completely addictive, so devour with care. I am not 100% certain of the fee, however no matter, it is value it. These toffee pretzels are ok to be vacation tin-worthy in my view, supplied you’d really wish to share them. Not that I am going to get them once more….no, actually I should not….mustn’t….Russell, behave….I feel I’ve made my opinion clear. Adequate for at the very least a 4.5 in my ebook. Sandy’s not as in love with the pretzels as I’m, however nonetheless provides them a strong 4.

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Butter Toffee Pretzels: 8.5 out of 10 Golden Spoons