Trader Joe’s Breakfast Burritos

Trader Joe's Breakfast Burritos

You might notice a pattern in my last 10 to 12 posts: Most of my reviews were negative. Strangely enough, the majority of Russ’s posts have been quite the opposite. He’s lucked out with a streak of mostly excellent products.

Russ is actually the reviewer. A Trader Joe’s product was given a zeroI am slowly feeling like Simon Cowell. And it certainly didn’t help that Russ wrote up our group review of the Wild Blueberry Vanilla ChévreMy score was the lowest of all four of us. Let me be completely honest. I love complaining and am very good at it. I can almost always find something negative to complain about. Ask my wife. (Even though she is a master gripper, too). But gradually, we’re learning to Always be grateful. However, we have complaining down to such an artform, that even with things we’re quite thankful for, we can still manage to find some fault to whine about. But seriously, we are grateful as well, that God has been gracious and put up with our terrible attitudes all this time.

Nevertheless, because of my duties as a foodie-hack blogger and grocery-informant, I must unfortunately continue on my sad tirade of moans and groans with this tragically tedious excuse for a breakfast burrito, and hopefully, I’ll save a handful of people from being utterly disappointed with their morning meals.

Really, Trader Joe’s! Really? C’mon. I’m just going to go ahead and say skip these and stick to whatever kind of breakfast burrito you can buy off the roach coach that pulls up to your office parking lot in the morning. Although it might not be as healthy as the original, I can almost guarantee that it will have more flavor. Sonia immediately proclaimed “These taste like cardboard.” That is all that matters. They do. They do. I don’t know what prevents the natural flavors of eggs and potatoes, turkey bacon, cheese, and other foods from passing through. AllTJ’s may have found one. Honestly, to call these “bland” would be a gross understatement. I finished my burrito by dipping it in Cholula hot-sauce and was happy to have it. Sonia finished hers, too, but only because she really doesn’t like to waste food.

The texture of the burrito was not bad, in the burrito’s defense. It was good. felt It was like eating a breakfast burrito, even though it wasn’t. The tortilla is filled with eggs and potatoes.

Sonia stated that she cannot give them more stars than half of a star. Just because they didn’t completely butcher the texture, I’ll be kind and give them a 1.5.

Bottom line: 2/10


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