Trader Joe’s Boeuf Bourguignon

Trader Joe's Boeuf Bourguignon

Boeuf. I love this French word that means beef. It reminds me of Stefon on Saturday Night Live talking about New York’s hottest club. Booooooooof…That’s the right thing BooooooooofWith nine You can also visit our website.‘s.”

We will have to settle with one o, but our amis les Français have thrown in an eAnd a You can find us at as bonuses. It remains to be determined if this item is the Trader Joe’s most popular item in his frozen section.

TJ’s inconsistent behavior with international characters is not something I will be complaining about. There is no reason why this shouldn’t happen. Trader JacquesBoeuf Bourguignon (like in the movie Sandwiches made with Ham and Cheese Croissants).

Let me remind you, Russ, that before we get into the actual food review earlier postWe’re not food specialists, and we never claimed to be. This is our perspective. We are average “everyman” people who like to eat and will share our honest opinions. Self-proclaimed foodie-hack bloggers, we are. After Yahoo’s main page linked directly to The Daily Meal’s article “About Us”I made the decision to promote us to “prominent foodie-hack bloggers.” And as one critic who apparently critiques other critics’ reviews so delicately pointed out, our blog entries are extremely self-indulgent and often contain several paragraphs that have little or nothing to do with the actual food (such as this and the three paragraphs preceding it). For that particular gentleman’s highly accurate, yet mostly irrelevant observation, I amend our standing title to “prominent self-indulgent foodie-hack bloggers.” If his observation is mostly unimportant, why would you include it in your title? My friends, it’s only for comedy’s sake.

I have a few more paragraphs that I want to add about non-food related topics, but for the benefit of those who care about my opinion of this product, let me just say that the best part of this dish is its delicious sauce. Although I’ve never had boeuf-bourguignon before this sauce reminded me of a French dip with thick, delicious au jus. While the beef is good, I think this entree could do with a little more. Sonia thought there weren’t enough onions and other vegetables. I was happy with the quantity and quality of the vegetables. The mix was delicious. I was reminded by her that the meal cost somewhere around 6 to 7 dollars. Less than you’d pay in a gourmet restaurant, but still not cheap—certainly enough to buy us a belly-full of meat and veggies, we thought.

The complex, delicious gravy is worth the purchase. It might not be a Julia Child masterpiece, but for frozen food, it’s pretty dang tasty. This dish might not be on your grocery list due to its high price and lack of meat, but it’s worth a try if you are interested. I cannot go lower than 4. Sonia gives a 3.5 to the bourguignon, docking a point and a half for a decided lack of boeuf.

The bottom line: 7.5 points out of 10.