Trader Joe’s Blueberries & Cream, and Vanilla & Cream Yogurt cups

Trader Joe's Blueberries & Cream and Vanilla & Cream Yogurt Cups

Accentuation on the Cream. This yogurt is small enough to satisfy the needs of grown men. It’s like Elven Lembas Bread with yogurts.

Those of you who missed that reference can rewatch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Revert to the super-creamy yogurt. It’s tasty. It’s also really thick. Imagine a vanilla yogurt or blueberry yogurt. Now, imagine the yogurt five times thicker.

This is the yogurt.

I love both flavors equally. They’re all packaged together which is a great thing. One flavor could be better than the other and there might have been a family dispute over who had the right to eat it.

These cups are smaller than your average yogurt cup, I believe. That’s fine. It’s like eating two cups of regular yogurt after you’ve had one. Overall, me likey.

Sonia gives 4’s for both. Me too.

Trader Joe’s Blueberries & Cream Yogurt Cups. 8.
Trader Joe’s Vanilla & Cream Yogurt Cups. The bottom line: 8 out 10.