Trader Joe’s Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar

Trader Joe's Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar

I’ve been known for exaggerating or making up stories all the time. But this story is true. Back in college, during my junior and senior years, I worked with a guy whose name cannot be recalled, but he was truly unique. He spoke with a rich, smooth, charming British accent, which made me swoon every time he spoke, which was quite often. It was loved by the ladies. It was jarring and disorienting to listen to him speak …. with no accent one night as we were wrapping up a shift. I think I stared at him dumbly, wide-mouthed, and whatnot, and he said, “Yeah. I actually grew up about 20 minutes from here.” The chicks like my accent. It makes me sound mysterious and fascinating. I asked him how it was going for him. He smiled as he switched his accent on and said, “Very well.” He was the first time I heard him act out his character. 

As I pondered the purchase of the Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bar, I thought about this guy. This all comes down to appearance management. Making oneself seem more different than the “ordinary” is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s fine to be a Port Matilda man as it is. But, there’s nothing wrong in a regular candy bar. Let’s make it more interesting. Check out this.  This is Belgian “Belgian” chocolate. What makes this different from regular dark chocolates? While I couldn’t tell you the exact price, the fact it stated “Belgian” made it much more interesting. You can also find ThingThe To/From gift tag is on the label. This implies that this chocolate bar is a serious gift-worthy one.

It’s not a bad bar of dark chocolate, but it’s …. It is actually quite good. You can think of it as a good, dark, but not overly-dark, chocolate bar. This is the point. It could be my total lackof Belgian cultural awareness. Trappist beers can be expensive Classic cinemaHowever, I don’t know what makes this bar different or what sets it apart from other Hershey bars made in the United States of America. My wife tried to make me aware that it was made in Belgium. But I wanted to find out what it was made of. BelgianYou’ll understand what I’m talking about. The colors of the Belgian flag are not even used in the packaging. Perhaps one or two kindhearted, patient souls out there can help me find the right way.

It’s a thick bar made of six logs, so it’s only half the size. It is difficult to break them apart. Sandy accidentally knocked it off the kitchen table, and it only broke in half. They would make a great exterior wall if you were to build a house from chocolate. These are easy to eat and chew. It must be chocolately melt in the mouth, not in your hand magic.

It was probably two dollars at the TJ’s local shop. If they didn’t have any of our favorite chocolates, I would gladly pay an additional two dollars for it. It is a perfect four for my wifey. I am a little behind.

Bottom line: 7 out 10 Golden Spoons for Trader Joe’s Belgian Chocolate Bar