Trader Joe’s Battered Fish Nuggets

Trader Joe's Battered Fish Nuggets

Sandy works in the basement. There is a college campus greasy-spoon/student hangout cafe. Baby M and I have to pick them up every day at home. I need to get there just in time for their greasy smell. It smells, most of the times, I will admit. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!Sandy and I have a lengthy conversation about the subject as we pack up our Tucson. It doesn’t take much to convince me about the dangers of fast food. I’ve been there and seen the effects it has on my body. But, man, that good greasy smell! It must be hitting whatever evolutionary triggers I have that push me towards fat and calories and comfort (even though ironically it can have quite the opposite effect).

Fortunately, I’m able to avoid the grease quite well these days. Although it’s still a work-in-progress, the results have been amazing (about 30 pounds has been lost in this year). It’s also good to know that there are other options, such as Trader Joe’s Battered fish nuggets, which are relatively healthy and not so bad.

These fish squares will not be found in your local high school cafe. These taste great in the oven. The batter is thick enough that it browns nicely as it bakes, while still keeping its middles perfectly crisp. After a few more minutes, the nugget batter will become even more crispy. They taste and feel great, but they are not too greasy. It’s a fishy fake that fools me quite well. The pesce is made from pollock, a white fish that is very common. It is clean tasting and not too fishy. Despite the additional baking time, the final result was flaky, not too dry, and not too moist. Delicieux fishy indeed.

They are pretty darn good. The fish nuggets were a perfect accompaniment to my hot sauce. They would also go well with any other sauce. It’s also a good value at $3.99 per box for my wife and I to have two meals. Sandy stated that she’ll give them four. It’s disappointing that she didn’t say more so I can poke fun at her, as I often do. Next time, I hope. I’ll be there for 4.5.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Battered Fish Nuggets are 8.5 out 10 Golden Spoons