Banana Chips from Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Banana Chips

Sonia ripped into the bag, began to eat these banana chips fervently, and exclaimed, “Oh my gods, these are!” So good! They’re amazing!”

Puzzled by her enthusiasm, I replied calmly that they were “similar to any other banana chips I have ever had.”

“Well, I’ve never had banana chips before. These are completely new to me,” she explained.

How someone—a self-proclaimed banana fan nonetheless—can go for 34 years in this country without having a single banana chip, I’m not quite sure. This is the thing about marriage. Even after years of marriage, you still find new things about yourself and your spouse. Admittedly, the surprises tend to have less impact the longer you go—you get the big surprises out of the way in year 1. “You’ve never had banana chips before?!” These had fewer long-term implications, and they prompted a more civilized discussion than “?”You’ve got it! How much?Credit card debt!?!?” did.

As usual, I digress. Let’s return to banana chips. They are something I have eaten many times before, as I mentioned above. Most of them are in. trail mixes. They aren’t my favorite, but I do like peanut butter dipped in them. They are a close relative to Trader Joe’s more exotic Plantain Chips.

Just in case you are wondering, the ingredients were not removed from the photo to the right. That’s it. That’s all. This is what we love to see. 4 ingredients total. There are no hydrogenated oils, unlike the ones I ate as a child.

Sonia lost interest in the banana chips by the end of the bag. Her initial score was probably a 5. She downgraded it to a respectable 4! Like I said, I am not a big fan of banana chips. But, considering their simplicity, convenience and snackability, I can’t lower my rating to 3.5.

The bottom line: 7.5 points out of 10.