Trader Joe’s Almondictive Bits

Trader Joe's Almondictive Bits
Context. This is what my middle school English teacher used to say. Context. It’s the best way to find out the meaning of an unfamiliar word. It’s worth reading the words surrounding it. This will give you a better idea and exercise a few more brain cells than running to the Merriam-Webster’s nearest.

With this in mind, I discovered a new word during the latest Trader Joe’s word: almondictive. While I’m not one to shy away from using a new word where the sun doesn’t shine, I do enjoy pulling out a new word (I believe I used the term “meatosaurus”, in an article that I wrote) so it’s not something I mind. At first glance, I was pretty sure it was a cute little combo of the words “almond” and “addictive”, especially with the other words like “compulsively compelling”* on the package, but then a dark thought crossed my mind: What if instead of “addictive” they really meant the word “vindictive”? “Indictive”? Sandy and me decided that we would give them a go, just to make sure.

After trying a few of these, I can confirm that they are addictive. Almondictive Bits taste amazing and are hard to stop eating. I don’t know if it is the rich, dark chocolate coating or the crisp crunchiness of almonds. Perhaps it’s the subtle caramel undertone. I’m not sure. These are an amazing little snack. They are rich and satisfying after only a handful of nuts, but they are delicious enough to make us want to eat more as the flavors linger in our mouths.

Sandy is a good place to start. I’m talking about these sweet little dudes. Sandy and I would love a bit more caramel. Sandy would prefer a bit more almond. The chocolate coating is definitely the dominant flavor. But no matter. There’s only one way that these could become even remotely vindictive. If one of us hogs all the nuts for herself, it would be between us and the nuts. Both of us aren’t above these things and her being home during maternity leave gives us both an even chance to be the greedy one. She would probably say it was for the baby… I think I might go count them now. Sandy gives them a solid four. These are my favorite TJ’s chocolate almond treat that I have found so far. I will see to it that Sandy raises half a spoon.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s almondictive bits: 8.5 out 10 Golden Spoons

*Please excuse my omission of that blatantly gratuitous comma.