The Advent of the Cocktail Hour by Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Advent of the Cocktail Hour

Since I was a child, I have loved advent calendars. A countdown is both fun and suspenseful. We used to make chains from construction paper in elementary school. Each link was to be broken each day as we got closer to Christmas. For the links, we would alternate between green and red paper. Or maybe we’d add some white to symbolize the snow we hoped for during December.

This blog even featured Trader Joe’s Advent Calendars a decade ago. It’s amazing that it has taken this long. We have been looking into the Advent Calendar for Dogs since then. In some years, we will even buy separate advent calendars to Sonia and me as well as two for each of the mutts.

We received two calendars this year with Boozy Little Chocolate Truffles. This calendar features a new assortment of confections/liqueurs, which is a departure from its predecessor. The original boozy candy assortment included gin, whisky and rum. These candies have liqueur d’cafe, honey caramel, prosecco and coffee martini. We will be able to sample each flavor up to December 6th, so we’ll give you the scoop on them all.

Wednesday, December 1: we got liqueur de cafe. It has a Kahlua-esque flavor that is nice and chocolaty, with a hint of coffee booze. It’s probably Sonia’s favorite.

Thursday, December 2, coffee martini hour. Similar to the last selection, but with a stronger gin-like essence and traditional coffee flavor.

We found an eggnog-chocolate today, Friday, December 3. It tastes just like eggnog mixed in alcohol. It’s eggnog with rum, I would say. It’s not as delicious as it would have been if they used Jagermeister, however, these chocolates come from the UK and not Germany.

We then got into our magical time machine, and we jumped ahead to:

Saturday, December 4th: And we got honey caramel. It tastes a little like real honey. It tastes like caramel. That’s what it looks like. It’s a high-quality product. It’s not a bad thing.

Sunday, December 5: peach bellini. It contains real peach puree. It’s very bland, but it’s still delicious. You can also try peach Schnapps. This is probably my favorite, even though the peach flavor fails to shine when it’s paired with plain white chocolat.

At that point the order of chocolates was reversed and I had to start over with liqueur à café. In my DeLorean time sled hottub, I jumped ahead to Christmas Day and discovered what we had been missing: a pink champagne truffle. Ahhhhhhh!

The verdict: A bit anticlimactic. Meh. It’s okay. Sonia said that it doesn’t taste anything like any other food. I wouldn’t go as far. I tried something champagne-esque. It still tasted like white (pink), chocolate, but with a hint of white wine spiked. Acceptable. You won’t be disappointed if you don’t set your expectations too high.

This imported set of 25 chocolates in 6 different flavors, priced at $6.99, is cute, giftable and beautiful. It’s a lot better quality than the original Trader Joe’s Advent Calendars, which contained 24 little pieces of edible “chocolate”. It’s 7x more expensive, but it’s well worth it.

It is important to mention that the chocolate fillings are semi-solid, smooth cream and not liquid. It is possible to eat them half-way and not have random drops of liquid alcohol splash on your clothes. 2.5% ABV.

Three and a quarter stars from Sonia. Four stars from me.

Final verdict: 7.5 out 10.