Trader Joe’s ABC Bars

Trader Joe's ABC Bars

I’m Always Buying Crack at Trader Joe’s—not literal crack, just highly-addictive substances that happen to be nice and legal. ABC could mean many things. They might be called Almond Butter Cocoa, which is what I would refer to them. Sonia might ask me to Bring the Chewies on the next hike. They are definitely addictive bars, creamy. They’re vegan, so they’re free of Animal Byproducts, Completely.

These cookies might be called Amaretto Blast Cookies flavor-wise. The flavor is almondy—but it’s such a sweet almond flavor, I think it tastes a bit like amaretto—though not alcoholic in the least. They taste more like chocolate or almond butter to me than they do cocoa or almond butter. Sonia thinks that almond butter is slightly overpowered by cocoa. I’m not sure whether I agree with her. They’re just sweet—but not overly so, nutty, buttery, and not unlike confectionalized amaretto. Scrump-dilly.

They’re very soft texture-wise. The mouthfeel could be described as “A Bed of Comfort”. Although they are chewy, not crunchy, there is a greater “melt in-your-mouth” effect than most granola bars and cookies. 

They’re gluten-free, so…Absolutely Buy’em Celiac-sufferers. ABC costs just 1, 2, 3, and 3 dollars. There are six boxes in each box. This makes them approximately 50 cents per piece. They’re small but rich and full of nutrients. Sonia and me would rate them at the same level as the average Clif or Luna bar in terms of hunger-curing capacity, but with slightly higher overall value.
Both of us give it another thumbs up. Sonia will be presenting her second consecutive four-and-a-half stars. You can have four more.

Amazing Bars, Conclusively.

Bottom line: 8.5/10.