6 Vanilla Coconut Macaroons & Chocolate Macaroons from Trader Joe

Trader Joe's 6 Chocolate & 6 Vanilla Coconut Macaroons

Yeesh. It has been one of those weeks. Perhaps you can relate. Baby M has been screaming all night unless she is held. I guess I’d be the same way if I had a passing tummy bug while (probably) teething and a much-worse-than-usual diaper rash. A recent three-night stretch saw me get a total of 7 hours sleep. This is more than I would complain about, except that it’s more than my wife who doesn’t have the luxury to sit in a cubicle and sip coffee for a living. This week marks the beginning of our seriousness about putting our little house up for sale. There are many things you can do and stuff you can buy at Home Depot. I find myself lost in it, which only makes the process even more frustrating. This is in addition to work and family (great to see Aunt Alice and the rest!). and yeah…I guess we shouldn’t be too terribly surprised that Sandy and I forgot we even had these from a shopping trip a couple weeks back, until we decided we needed some sugary motivation for yet another late-night-baby’s-maybe-sleeping cleaning rampage. We’d probably be all over these in most weeks.

So, 6 Vanilla Coconut Macaroons from Trader Joe. Each macaroon contains six different types of vanilla and six types of chocolate. It would be a record. TJ’s frozen desserts that can be thawed are the macaroons. They have had mixed results with us. It seems that they would be stable enough to store. The macaroons need to be thawed before they can be eaten. We had a deadline to finish the laundry in our bedroom. This part is the worst.

It was finally time to enjoy them. We did. They were, however, not our favorite. A serving of these contains one chocolate macaroon ….and one vanilla macaroon so be careful if you have to eat two of the same flavor. That’s what we had. I enjoyed the chocolate one slightly more – although they aren’t exactly dark chocolate, the flavor is definitely stronger than the milk chocolate. It could have been the novelty of my first chocolate macaroon. Sandy preferred the vanilla more. It tasted almost exactly like vanilla. Each one was rich in shredded coconut and sugar. They were soft and pleasant to the touch, even though they were still slightly cold. They are definitely rich enough that I was happy with just two.  

Sandy and I like to “playfight”, as we call it. Although we rarely disagree, we do sometimes argue. However, if we have a point to make to one another, we often get sarcastic and make fun of ourselves, each other and make jokes about it. We then work out the problem together. It was our night as we cleaned our room, adding in gently throwing a Beanie Baby plateypus at each others. So it was not surprising that she started to do her “Russ impression” on me, which consisted of making a silly looking face, lowering the volume, and murmuring something. It’s quite accurate. She mumbled something in her Russ voice while making her Russ face. I’ve had better…uhhh…maybe I didn’t really like them….uhh, maybe I did…uhhhh, since you know all about macaroons and (stuff), what did you think?” She decided on a 3.5, saying that she prefers plain macaroons with maraschino cherries which can be found at most grocery stores. They don’t sway me in any way, so I am happy to go with the middle.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s 6 Chocolate & 6 Vanilla Coconut Macaroons: 6.5 out of 10 Golden Spoons