Trader Joe’s 100% Cherry Juice

Trader Joe's 100% Cherry Juice

Not to be confused with Trader Joe’s Cherry Cider, this beverage is, as the bottle claims, 100% cherry Juice from concentrate. The “cider” cousin of this product is more sweet and Juicy. JuiceThis drink is not nearly as tart, as I had hoped. This is however the “adult” version. Cherry Cider, and no, I don’t mean that it’s endorsed by Ron Jeremy or anything like that. Both of them taste kinda similar. cherryThey both contain only 100% JuiceHowever, children with sweet tooths and sugar cravings would enjoy cider more because it is sweeter. Juices blended into that one. This is 100% cherry drink is a great balance of tart and sweet. Except for Boondock Saints, Ron Jeremy films have not been seen. GhostbustersI didn’t see him in person but I did visit him at the Jiffy Lube on La Brea & Melrose. One of his close friends used to speak at our old church a lot. No kidding.

This beverage tastes exactly like a gulp of water at first. cherry Jolly Rancher. However, the end isn’t as sweet. The finish is slightly sweet, but there’s usually a mild aftertaste. CherriesSo I suppose that’s to be expected. Plus, with the JuiceYou won’t have to worry if you spill out the pits. However, the price per quart is $4 This stuff is expensive. It’s likely that it takes quite a bit of effort. Cherries to make a quart of Juice, though.

It was liked by Sonia, perhaps even more than me, but it won’t be a regular purchase for our household. It is too expensive for what it offers. JuiceI could drink the Juicy just as fast, but honestly, it’s too much. JuiceI love sweet stuff. I love me some sweet beverages. This drink is sweet but I would say it’s for mature palates. 

Now, we have Cherry Cider, Cherry JuiceWe are eagerly awaiting TJ’s unveiling. Cherrystone Clam Beverage. Just kidding. This juice gets 3.5 stars from me. Sonia is pleased to see my 3.5 stars and gives me half a star.

Final verdict: 7.5 out 10.