Trader Joe’s 10 Minute Bulgur

Trader Joe's 10 Minute Bulgur

It’s easy to get so caught up in the many unique goodies that Trader Joe’s has to offer that you forget to enjoy the wholesome, simple, delicious stuff they have without all the fuss. These are things like a cheap alternative to a classic cereal or bread with 513 uses and other such things. It’s easy to get excited about something or someone, but it’s not possible (at least not for me). You shouldn’tThese ingredients can be combined to make your daily diet. Tradcr Joe’s does a good job of filling the gaps and sometimes in surprisingly good ways. It is nice to know that while the “big” things get the most attention, the little stuff doesn’t go unnoticed.

Sandy took some Trader Joe’s 10 minute Bulgur with him on a recent trip. I was thinking about that. Since I was probably too distracted by all the other things to notice bulgur before, it has probably been around forever. This is a great find. Bulgur is not available in our local area. It’s only available in ethnic Turkish grocery, which, while convenient, can be difficult to find.

If bulgur is unfamiliar to you, consider quinoa. It’s a bit denser and chewier than bulgur. Make some bulgur! bulgar pilaviSandy did exactly this. It’s something she’s done before, but it hasn’t been in years. So it’s difficult to draw a direct comparison with TJ’s bulgar. It was still delicious. Although the bulgar seemed a bit dry than we remember, that could have been Sandy being a little more out of her routine than with bulgur. Sandy didn’t have any complaints about the prep, as the bulgur cooked up a lot faster than regular. It made a great little dinner with our turkey meatballs and salad.

Sandy was not as happy as me. She was not as happy with the texture of the bulgur pilavi. As an alternative to pasta, potatoes, or rice, I’m hopeful that it’ll soon be. She rates it three. I’m willing give the bulgur a little more trust and say a 4.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s 10-Minute Bulgar: 7 out 10 Golden Spoons