Shrimp Fried Rice by Trader Joe San

Trader Joe-San's Shrimp Fried Rice
True story: I was a bachelor five years ago and lived in a house that had been rented to a few other men, one of which we found on Craigslist. While I have nothing to do with him, his girlfriend and he were both very nice people. But, one day, he called me at work. I hadn’t heard from him before. He said, “Ummm, yes, we, uh…we burnt down the house.” Wha!?!? Evidently they forgot about the chicken they were cooking on the stove top and instead watched Judge Judy. The grease caught fire and it was POOF. My favorite recliner had smoke damage and had to be sold. The house did not burn down completely. Since then, I have made two promises: I will never find anyone to live with on Craigslist and I will always be careful what I cook, especially if it is something spicy.

Because of all this, I also mention my new parent jitters when I tried to make my wife bacon and eggs after only being home for a few weeks. It took me over an hour to prepare breakfast because she kept asking me to turn the burner off as I tried to get that and that. It took me an hour. It was a long time before I realized that whatever I did next on the stovetop would be much easier.

Shrimp Fried Rice from Trader Joe-San is easy. A large pan or wok is all you need, along with two tablespoons of oil and five minutes to cook the shrimp fried rice. The package’s icon for take-out is visible – it gives a very accurate estimate and costs a fraction of what a take-out order would cost. The quart of shrimp fry rice we love from our local Chinese restaurant is only $7. Once we tip Short Round (see the story), it amounts to $10. This? $2.99. That’s it. Taste-wise, it is comparable to takeout. It has just the right amount of rice and vegetables. TJ Shrimp products also have shrimp that tastes great. It’s not a major complaint, but it is a minor quibble. They taste great and I make my own fried rice. However, frozen eggs skew me. Maybe that’s just me.

Sandy is a little lower on this than I am. It may be because Sandy is spoiled. It’s not to brag but I can make some delicious fried rice for a Pennsylvania Dutch boy who is a pasty and gingery Pennsylvania Dutch boy. I use all the spices she likes, and I make sure that the onions are chopped smaller than she prefers so she can’t see them. Since I like my own taste, we will probably pick it up again next time. FlamboyantIt’s more of a bland, unsavory meal like you would expect from a restaurant. Sandy will give it a 3. However, because I believe it deserves a better fate, I’ll compensate a little and give it a four ‘n half.

Bottom line: Shrimp Fried Rice from Trader Joe-San: 7.5 of 10 Golden Spoons