Dealer Jacques’ Ham and Cheese Croissant Sandwiches

Trader Jacques' Ham and Cheese Croissant Sandwiches

Yay! One other “worldwide” TJ’s product. This time it is from Joe’s boastful French chef pal, Jacques. No, I do not suppose all French are boastful. Of the various French folks I’ve met, just one or two have been boastful, and the remaining have been pleasant, down-to-earth people.

Nonetheless, we all know that this Jacques fellow is an boastful jerk. Simply have a look at that fancy type-face on the field. It is a ham and cheese sandwich for cryin’ out loud. You stick it in a croissant, and what, you suppose we’re consuming gourmand swiftly!? At $4.69 for 2 of them, they darn nicely higher be gourmand…2 frozen ham and cheese sandwiches for $5…<huff> the vanity! Pretentious Frenchious.

(Once more, I’ve no issues with the French. I have been to Paris, and I believed the folks have been pretty.)

And how much particular person places 95% of the US RDA for saturated fats in ONE ham and cheese sandwich!!?? An boastful one, that is for certain! No ham and cheese sandwich is value that a lot fats, not even one as delicious as this. Possibly the French nationwide RDA for saturated fat is far larger than ours…? Someway I doubt it.

However they’re fairly yummy. Their style virtually justifies their fattiness. The cheese and croissant bread are fairly indulgent, and so they come out gentle and fluffy. However, there’s not almost sufficient ham inside. It is like they took one single ham chilly minimize slice and hid it beneath layers of bread and cheese. (Oh, but it surely’s “Black Forest Ham,” straight from the Schwarzwald of Bavaria, I am certain.) Wait, is not that in Germany? Should not Jacques have chosen Bayonne Ham as a substitute?

There are no cooking choices that do not contain the oven. It’s possible you’ll thaw it within the microwave, however you have to fireplace up that large dangerous boy and bake it correct for a minimum of half-hour.

These is likely to be an possibility in the event you’re actually on the lookout for a once-in-a-great-while sort of deal with…however at 34g of fats (19 of which is saturated fats), and 550 energy per sandwich, it is simply not value it, for my part. Additionally, the 30+ minutes to cook dinner them and the almost $5 price ticket make these puffy little pastry sandwiches a move.

I give them 3 out of 5 Stars. Sonia offers them a 3 as nicely. Backside line: 6 out of 10.