Trader Giotto’s Fresh Basil Pesto Flatbread Pizza

Trader Giotto's Fresh Basil Pesto Flatbread Pizza
Sometimes, like Sunday, my wife puzzles me. My trusty blue pair of shoes is an example. KeensThese shoes that I have worn nearly everywhere for the past 4 years started showing signs of age and the main soles began to separate a few weeks back. No problem. It is very understandable. Sandy mentions this to me and asks that I take them to a repair shop. My mind is asking, “Why?” Is it so they can stick some glue in? I can do it myself. On Sunday, as I was running to Wal-Mart for a quick trip, I decided that a small jar rubber cement would do the trick. Sandy wasn’t there so I went home. When she gets back, she looks at the jar and says to her pooch “Lame”. “Lame? Why’s that?” I disagree. I say, “This oughtta repair it.” Sandy tells me about the time she tried to fix her shoe with rubber cement. It didn’t work so she took it to someone who said it couldn’t be fixed because she used rubber cement. I find it fascinating that she has not shared this story before. Being stubborn as I am, it’s something I decided to try anyways. Results TBD.

This is still not the most intriguing thing Sandy did Sunday. She spotted this amazing looking Fresh Basil Pesto Flatbread Pizza while on a pre-lunchtime trip to Trader Joe’s and decided to add it to her cart. This isn’t all that interesting until she recalls her. food rulesTake a closer look at the product. There are plenty of diced tomatoes right on top. She exclaims, “It’s so good.” Let’s eat it for lunch. Ok, I agree. It’s easy to see that I will enjoy it. Basil pesto is great on pizza, so I think it is a sure win. What about her? What about all those tomatoes that were sliced, diced, and mounded on top of it? When she picked up the phone, she sounded as confident as she would like, so I didn’t hesitate to ask her questions. However, this was contrary to everything I knew about her and her food.

Let me tell ya, this is a fantastic pizza. As a seasoned pizza lover/connoisseur, it’s not something to take lightly. It was baking in our oven and the smell of pesto, cheese, filled our house making us even more hungry. It was worth it once I had it cut up and had a bite. It’s amazing! The ciabatta crust is delicious. Although it’s flat, it’s thick enough for you to have a crispy outside and a chewy middle. When browned, the edges get crackly. The basil pesto is fantastic and so fresh that I was eager to make more. It’s also fantastic with the romano and parmesan cheese topped. It’s so light, mild, and fresh that I could swear it was young mozzarella. Penn MacIt is highly praised in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. It was superior to any other cheese I have ever eaten on frozen pizzas, and even better than any bagged shredded cheese. We both enjoyed every bite and it was delicious from the beginning to the end.

But what about tomatoes? Both of us actually liked them for different reasons. They were delicious, fresh tasting, sweet and full of flavor. Sandy loved them because they were fresh and delicious. It’s all good, I get more tomatoey goodness and a potential crisis is avoided.

This made a really delicious lunch. It was almost as good as anything you could make from scratch with homegrown vegetables and herbs. It was delicious! We didn’t even consider adding any ingredients to it. Pepper flakesOther seasonings, like we use on many other pizzas.

Although it is $4.99, I would say it is slightly too high. However, this is about the cost of a decent freezer pizza. Which, by the way, this is way better than. Each of our halves were able to carry us both until dinner without too much difficulty. It’s a good idea to place the pizza on a cookie sheet when baking. Other than homemade, which my brother-in-law and sister-in law are), TheThis pizza is a masterpiece. Sandy gives it a 4. I’ll give it a four-and-half.

Bottom line: 8.5 of 10 Golden Spoons