Trader Giotto’s Bambino Pizza Formaggio

Trader Giotto's Bambino Pizza Formaggio

Participating in the BOOK IT! program, which apparently still exists. The program offered free pizza by reading books. Each student was given an oversized button with five to six blank star-shaped spaces. Each book we read would earn us a star sticker that we could stick to our button. We’re not talking about the book. Crime and Punishment and Moby Dick, of course. We’re talking Amelia Bedelia and Freckle Juice—books we’d be reading anyway, even if there weren’t free food involved. 

So we’d read like mad in anticipation of our free personal pan pizza from the local Pizza Hut. On the day of redemption, we’d turn in that button at the pizza counter feeling like kings. The little round pizza would come out steaming hot,And it tasted better than any pizza we had ever had before, because we knew we earned it.

These Bambino pizzas from TJ’s remind me of those personal pan pizzas from pizza hut in size, shape,And appearance, but the flavor is a little more grown-up. They taste great! SicilianThis pizza is a classic Italian style with lots of Italian herbs, spices and sauces. But, unlike the image on the packaging, there are no flecks of green herbs. I guess that’s because you don’t see them. All over the pizzas. You can Taste it, but you can’t See more it.
Bambino pizzas come in a size similar to a large pizza. This means that if you are having dinner with friends, you can count on everyone eating at least one Bambino. Two individual packages contain two pizzas per package. I prefer my crust crispy so I left mine in the oven for a little longer than the instructions suggested. However, other than that the baking time was perfect. As with most things. Other frozen pizzasThese are simply too good to be cooked in the microwave.

If you are a fan of Sicilian pizza, check these out. They were delicious and the texture was great. I gave them 4.5 stars. Sonia will award them a 4.

Final verdict: 8.5 out 10.