Baker Josef’s Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake mix

Russ implemented a righteous new labeling system recently on this website. So, to honor that system, I very thoughtfully considered which category(ies) to put this crumbcake in. Please follow my logic.

-Coffee helps one wake up and is thus a morning beverage.
-This cake can be served with coffee.
-Therefore, this cake can, at least part of the time, be considered a morning food.

Hence, it is filed under breakfast.

It is also cake,Cake is often eaten as a dessert so it should be included under “snacks or desserts”.

And we shall spend the remainder of this blog entry discussing the categorization of the item under its third and final heading of “Not Bad.”

This is an excellent example of a “Not Bad” Trader Joe’s product. A week or so ago, we reviewed TJ’s Chocolate Cakes and Frosting MixesThese products are Pantheon Level food in every respect. Those products surpassed expectations in every way, and in my life, they shall evermore be the standards by which all chocolate cakes and chocolate icings shall be measured.

However, this cake cannot be considered to be of such high quality. It was delicious, but it was not quite perfect. The biggest problem was the cinnamony ribbon. Instead of coming out like the photo on the box, which depicts a thin layer of soft, cinnamonish goodness evenly spread throughout each piece, there were large clumps of a harder, chewier cinnamon-based substance, unevenly and haphazardly dispersed about the cake. The cinnamon parts tasted overly sugary, and they left a slightly unpleasant aftertaste. Although the texture of the cake was excellent, the cinnamon ribbon contaminated any bites that were made with it. This ruined the original cake’s fluffiness.

Despite my complaints, this product was still among the best coffee cakes I’ve tried. (Although, truth be told, I haven’t eaten many different coffee cakes. You can’t include the nasty pre-packaged vending machines variety. The cake does go well with coffee, and it’s certain to satisfy any sweet-tooth cravings you might encounter during your break.

If you’re a huge fan of coffee cake, this is surely worth a try, but if you’re just looking for a random cake mix to whip up for dessert or a special occasion, we recommend getting the chocolate cake first.

One last thought: who came up with the idea of Crumb cake, anyway? Isn’t it enough to have food that doesn’t fall apart? It’s not enough to bake, prepare, and serve this food. We also need to wash dishes and clear the table. We are not going to do that. Another reason to keep eating the chocolate cake.

It gets 3 stars from Sonia. Sugary breakfast foods are something I enjoy more than hers. It gets a 3.5 rating from me. Final verdict: 6.5 points out of 10.