Baker Josef’s Chocolate Cakes and Frosting Mixes

Baker Josef's Chocolate Cake and Frosting Mixes

Russ had mentioned Baker Josef in his previous post so I thought it would be a great time to review the Chocolate Cake and Frosting Mixes.

Let me now break it down for you. I can’t bake.In 9th grade, I barely managed to get an “S” in Home Ec. The “S” stands for “satisfactory,” but the minus implies it’s a little less than satisfactory, and just slightly above a “U” for “un-freaking-acceptable.” If I hadn’t tried so hard, I believe they would have given the “U” to me. I tried, but I failed miserably. My teacher was frustrated but had compassion on me. My entire group was, shall we say, a little “unskilled.” in the culinary arts. We all needed some extra help in the kitchen. I can recall one of our assignments being to bake rice crispy treats. Then, we ended up chiseling the blackened product out of the pan using an icepick. This is not a joke.

My lovely wife was able to bake and prepare this delicious product. It was a Valentine’s Day gift she gave it to me. This was so sweet. We had also planned to give it to one our neighbors, but that didn’t happen. It was too precious to part with. So. Freaking. GOOD!

Sonia is an excellent baker. It was very simple, she says. It was simple. She added butter, eggs, and water to the mix and baked it as directed. Finally, she added butter and hot water to the icing mixture. To me, it seems quite simple. However, my IQ drops 50 points whenever I’m in the kitchen. So I let my wife do the cooking. Sometimes I try to cook for my wife, but I don’t want to ruin the desserts. It would be a major letdown for everyone.

I prefer red velvet or white cake. I’m not a big fan of chocolate. This was, however, the most delicious chocolate cake I have ever eaten. The icing was fantastic, too. It was perfect and I wouldn’t change anything. Sonia baked the mixture in a moist and delicious way, which I think is a big reason for its texture and softness. Sonia and Baker Josef are to be commended.

We are not yet certain of the Josef’s origin or ethnicity. But he seems to understand what he is doing.

Double fives to both

Baker Josef’s Chocolate Cake Mix Bottom line: 10/10.
Baker Josef’s Chocolate Frosting Recipe: Bottom line: 10/10