Yankees fans compare Aaron Boone and Joe Judge, a sad fact about New York sports.

New York sports continue their misfortunes, so Yankees fans react to this fact by cheering on Joe Judge, the Giants’ coach.

New York is America’s biggest market for professional sports, but its franchises don’t necessarily reflect the best of the best.

While the Yankees are the most successful major New York sporting franchise, even so, there have been some questionable decisions made by them in recent times. For example, their decision to keep manager Aaron Boone — who apparently The Yankees were not motivated past the AL Wild Card round — calls into question the Yankees’ new attitude of waiting to see through their personnel hires.

Similarly, it seems the New York Giants are taking a page out of the Yankees’ playbook in their decision to keep Giants head coach Joe Judge. Following a 2020 season of 6-10, the Giants finished last within their division at 4-13. After Mike Zimmer, Matt Nagy and Brian Flores losing their jobs on Monday, Judge was deemed unfit to be the NFL’s coach. However, Judge and Boone will remain the Giants’ team for the foreseeable future.

New Yorkers are saddened by their fate as they lose coaches throughout 2022.

There are always reasons to keep a coach/manager in place. This allows them to apply their philosophy, build relationships and combine the best strategies with the players they have.

Of course, there’s also a time to reassess when things clearly aren’t going to work, which seems to be the case with Boone and and Judge. Boone, while the Yankees made the playoffs this year, is a milquetoast example of accepting the status-quo. This extends to the Yankees’ approach to free agency this offseason. There have been no major, game-changing signings that would propel this team into the AL East. The Mets, and not the Yankees, are able to make big moves in the offseason.

Judge has only gotten worse during his two seasons. Even though he nearly made it to the playoffs in a deplorable NFC East playoff race. All he can give the Giants this year is Two draft spots among the top ten picks.

If both football and baseball prove to be disappointing there’s still hope for the KnicksIf they are able to get out of their way and improve their 20-21 record, this season will be their chance.