Mecole Hardman is the Kansas City Chiefs’ answer to Tyreek Hill’s injury

DENVER — Mecole Hartman, the Kansas City Chiefs’ wide receiver, was informed by Mecole Hill just before kickoff that Tyreek Hill had landed on his heel in pregame warmups. He sustained an injury that would keep him sidelined for most of Saturday’s game against Denver Broncos.

Hardman, the Chiefs’ quick alternative to Hill, stated that he had locked in and prepared himself for a big game.

Hardman stated, “Definitely, I flipped a flipper,” “I’m ready to handle those kinds of situations whenever they present themselves.

“You need to feel extra motivated knowing that you will be targeted more and that the team will require you more.

Hardman was there for the Chiefs when they needed him most. Hardman had his first 100-yard game and caught eight passes for the Chiefs’ 103 yard win.

Hardman declared, in his third NFL Season, “Finally.” “I finally got 100. It’s been a while since 100 yards have been seen. It seems that it is back to South Carolina vs. Georgia [in college]Since I saw 100 yards.

“It’s an amazing achievement. This is something you can be proud of, especially considering that we won. I’m hoping to have more of them.”

Hardman had run close to 100 yards before in his career. He got 97 in 2019 against Baltimore Ravens and then 96 last season against New York Jets.

However, his season high of 76 yards was not a surprise. It was hard to believe that he would be able to play against the Broncos. Hill’s injury reduced him to 16% of Chiefs’ snaps.

“We were able get the ball in [Hardman’s]He exploded when you just held your hands. Andy Reid, his coach, said that he was “playing fast, very fast.”

Hardman was the Chiefs’ longest passer, at 44 yards and 21 yards.

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback, said that he’s made plays all season. Although he might not have big stats over the entire season, he is able to make big plays at key moments. He is a true talent and that will be a huge asset in the playoffs.

“No one [else]Tyreek. Tyreek is an exceptional player [the likes of which]Never seen in this league. Mecole comes close. He has a lot speed and a lot shiftiness. … “I’m sure that he wants more stats and all the different stuff, but he’s already prepared for this moment.”