What happens if Raiders and Chargers tie tonight?

The Los Angeles Chargers and the Las Vegas Raiders are two of the three AFC teams still alive for the final two playoff spots in their conference, along with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It all boils down to Sunday Night FootballThe Las Vegas Raiders (9-7), host the Los Angeles Chargers (9-7), with a playoff berth or two on the line.

It’s a win-and get-in scenario for both teams. However, a loss could result in the loss of the entire team. Two crazy games were played during the early-afternoon period. They were knocked out completely by the Jacksonville Jaguars’ defeat of the highly-favored Indianapolis Colts. By beating the Baltimore Ravens in overtime, the Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1) are still breathing.

Pittsburgh nearly tied the season’s second game. What happens if Pittsburgh and the Silver and Black tie the final game of primetime on Sunday?

AFC playoffs. What happens if the Chargers-Raiders game ends in tie?

Both teams could make the AFC playoffs if the Raiders and Chargers take a few knees and end the bad boy in a tie. The Chargers would be ranked No. The Chargers would be the No. 6 seed and would likely face the Buffalo Bills for the No. 3 seed. The No. The No. 7 seed would be the Raiders, who would take on arch rival Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead. This scenario leaves the Steelers on the sidelines.

Los Angeles would win the tiebreaker head-to-head over Las Vegas in order to claim that No. Los Angeles would be the No. 6 seed, and thus avoid the Chiefs completely. The Steelers would lose the tiebreaker in the head-tohead matchup with Las Vegas from their early season meeting. Although it is beneficial for both sides to take some knees and get into the postseason as health as possible, it is not a Nash equilibrium.

Welcoming to the greatest game theory game we have ever seen in the NFL! Even though they are bitter division rivals the Chargers or Raiders can win the last two playoff spots and leave the Steelers in the dust. The No. 6 seed is more advantageous than being the No. However, being the No. 7 seed for Raiders. They’ll want to win big.

The Raiders are less likely to tie the game so the Chargers will need to be aggressive in Week 18.