“We’re going learn from it, and get better.”

The Indianapolis Colts will spend their offseason being slammed, berated, and laughed at for wasting a great opportunity to qualify for the 2021 postseason. Sunday’s humiliating loss to Jacksonville Jaguars was the cherry on the cake.

Frank Reich, Colts coach said after reflecting on the loss for a day, that the only solution was to learn, grow, and prevent another one from ever happening.

Reich stated Monday, “When you think about how it was going to end. Certainly no one, including myself, ever imagined it would end like it did in the last two weeks.”, The official website for the team. “This is something that cannot be undone. It is part our record. It’s part my record. It’s not a shining moment. However, the analogy that came to mind was “It’s a Scar.”

“When you get hurt, it’s a painful experience that you didn’t expect. It leaves you with scarring. That is the way I view what happened these last two weeks. There is no way to undo this. What are we going do? What are you going to do? How will I respond? “We’re going learn from it, and we’re going get better.”

It wasn’t only Sunday’s humiliating loss to disoriented Jags. Two consecutive win-and-in scenarios were missed by the Colts.

The fall set the stage for Indy’s grueling offseason.

The big question for most is what the Colts will do at quarterback, where Carson Wentz struggled mightily, particularly down the stretch. His 185 yard day Sunday, with a TD (and an INT), highlighted a season in which the QB was unable to take advantage defenses. Wentz threw for less than 200 yards in eight of his 17 starts.

Notably, even though Reich was normally supportive, he did not make Wentz the starting pitcher in 2022.

Reich said, “We’ll go through it piece-by-piece.” “We’ll assess (Wentz’s) play. We’ll assess how we coach him and how I coach him in each pass game position. It can be taken apart and put back together.

Reich stated that he has to assess everything after the struggles down stretch and stressed the importance of focusing on more than just QB.

Reich responded, “We loved this team, we knew everybody we brought in, we expected winning football,” when Reich was asked if Wentz would be the starter. “Next year’s roster is the same as last year’s. I don’t want the conversation to focus on one player but then go on about them all.”

Reich may want to avoid QB questions for as long as possible. But after the 2021 struggles, they will be the hot topic in Indy over the next eight months.