“We ended our season perhaps in the most horrible way possible.”

Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, sent a message to his fans following the disappointing 2021 campaign. He stated that the club would use the fuel for 2022.

“When we started at 0-3, we knew that the rest of this season was going to be a difficult climb. All of us were optimistic that we would be able to dig ourselves out of this hole and make it to the playoffs. Our season ended in the most disappointing way possible, and we missed out on the chance to make history.

“The buck stops at me, and this experience has made me more determined to make Indiana a contender. We are already moving towards the future and I will do my best to get us there.

“As usual, thank you for supporting the Colts 2021. It was a difficult way to close our year, but it will motivate us for next season. There are many exciting days ahead, I promise.”

The Colts (9-8) would have reached the playoffs had they won over the 3-14 Jaguars. However, Indy trailed by as much as 23 points before falling to 26-11 in Week 18. Indy dropped out of the postseason after dropping two consecutive games. 

Sunday’s defeat was Indy’s seventh consecutive road loss against Jacksonville. 

It was a difficult loss for most to process, including the Colts and quarterback Carson Wentz, who drew a lion’s share of the criticism. Wentz was the one responsible for both Indianapolis’ turnovers. He threw only 148 yards and completed just 58.6%. He also took six sacks.

Wentz declared after the game that “I’ve got a better job,” There’s so much to say and so many things to take in right now. It’s frustrating and a bit depressing right now.

Frank Reich, the Colts’ head coach, expressed similar sentiments Monday to Irsay. He called the game a “scar”, but one that the Colts could “learn from.”

In Indianapolis’s offseason plans, draft capital will be reduced as the team looks to make improvements. The Colts have no first-round draft pick for 2022. Philadelphia received Wentz in a trade.