“We can make this year better”

Darius Leonard, Indianapolis Colts Pro Bowl linebacker, stated that “it sucks after the game.”

Frank Reich, Colts’ head coach, called it “scar” that day.

Jim Irsay, the team owner, deemed it the “worst” way to end the season.

Indy’s season is now in shadow after the Colts’ season-ending defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Week 18. It was, unsurprisingly, the main event of Wednesday’s. Hard Knocks Season: The Indianapolis Colts.

Reich said Monday to reporters that the outcome was something the team needed to learn and improve from. It was also a message he sent to his team following Sunday’s loss, as seen on It’s hard to believe.

Reich, with Irsay watching from the sidelines, was passionate and encouraged his team to believe the hardships of 2021 would make them stronger in 2022.

Reich said to his Colts, “No matter how it turns out, just know this, love and respect for one another, don’t ever let anything take that away.” “You’re always on a journey. Every year, we climb the mountain and try to do so every year. It’s a business that requires us to constantly strive for better results over the long term. But then, we must accept the short-term results. That can only get worse if you don’t learn. Use it for next year. This is something we need to know. That’s what we have to believe. Because it’s true. We all know that. We can learn from this year. The question is, “Did this year’s experience help me next year to get to the place I want?” Everybody here can affirm that. Men, we’ll get there. Believe it.

The Colts started the season poorly, going 0-3 in their first three weeks. They would rebound from their ice cold start and become one of the NFL’s most popular teams. However, they failed to secure an AFC playoff slot for several weeks. Jacksonville was at home to watch the playoffs and had one last chance against last-place Jaguars.

Reich urged his team to make the most of the negative and move on, but he also made it clear that this wasn’t the Colts season.

Reich stated that “it’s tough climbing, and it’s a tough journey, but it’s possible with the right equipment,” “Just might have not been our year this past year.”