Watch Chiefs’ Harrison Butker keep eating it trying to kick

Harrison Butker, Chiefs’ kicker is one the best in the NFL. However, he had a difficult time doing his job in Week 18.

There’s no one around the league who doesn’t respect Harrison Butker for the job he does as the Kansas City Chiefs kicker. He’s a veteran who has been incredibly reliable and consistent at a job that, frankly, you see that less and less often for many NFL franchises.

He was struggling to keep his feet on Saturday, Week 18, as the Chiefs closed out the regular season in Denver against the Broncos.

Because of the sloppy field conditions, Butker was constantly on his back while trying to kick.

Chiefs: Harrison Butker struggle to stay on his feet against the Broncos

Though it’s a hilarious scene to watch someone try to do arguably the most routine part of their job and keep, quite literally, falling flat on their back, it should be noted that this could be a bit dangerous.

These conditions could make it easy for Butker and any kicker to injure themselves. They might just try to push their leg out of alignment, but it’s possible.

Thankfully, that didn’t seem to be the case with Butker, which means we can all keep chuckling at the Chiefs kicker making the kicking game just a little bit more physically taxing than it normally is.