Vikings make huge changes for next season

The Minnesota Vikings are about to make a coaching change following Mike Zimmer’s exit from the playoffs the second year.

The clock is ticking on Mike Zimmer’s tenure as head coach of the Vikings.

With Minnesota gearing up to finish the season against the Bears, every indication is it will be Zimmer’s final game in charge.

The Vikings “are expected to move on” from Zimmer, according to Jason La Canfora from CBS Sports.

“Zimmer’s abrasive style has been an issue within that team for years and the need to go in a different direction has seemed clear to many decision makers there in recent weeks,” Canfora reported.

Mike Zimmer, Vikings head coach, is expected to be fired

In 2014, Minnesota hired Zimmer. He managed three playoff berths over eight seasons and two NFC North championships. The Vikings were always on the edge of contention, but they fluctuated between making it to the playoffs and missing them.

This time, instead of following up a playoff-less year with a playoff trip, Zimmer’s team was eliminated before the final week of play. It’s going to cost the head coach his job.

Even though Minnesota is set to make the big change at head coach, it doesn’t look like they’re cleaning house. General manager Rick Spielman is “likely to remain with the organization,” according to La Canfora’s reporting.

Of course, that leaves the door open for Spielman’s role to be changed. He has been the Vikings’ general manager since 2012.

Minnesota has to officially make the move. Then, they will join the fray at the annual NFL Coaching Carousel.