Tom Brady, the NFL’s oldest ever player to pass for over 5,000 yards per season

Brady and Brees still have a marriage in statistical terms. Brady threw the 40th touchdown of the season in Week 16, joining Brees as the only players with back-to-back seasons that saw 40 touchdowns.

Brady’s newest 5,000-yard performance is just the 13th 5,000 yard season in NFL History.

Brady had just 10 yards left to reach 5,000 in Week 18, and his 4,990 yard total led the NFL with 40 touchdown passes. These 40 TDs were equal to the Buccaneers single-season record of Brady’s just one year ago.

If Brady finishes the day with the most touchdown passes and/or yards passed, the 44-year old would be the oldest player to achieve either feat. According to NFL Research, Brady would become the first NFL player to lead the NFL’s passing, rushing, or receiving yards and touchdowns. He also would be the oldest active player in the league.

Brady continues to defy logic and age as he accumulates milestones and may add more before day — or season — is over.