Late rally led by Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers comes up short against the Rams in the Divisional Round

Brady had achieved at least one career first on Sunday. He was called for his maiden nonsportsmanlike conduct penalty after he screamed at an official. But that was just a throwback. The Bucs’ tired and lifeless start in the third quarter saw the Rams lead by 24 points. Before the Bucs started roaring back, it was before they stumbled four times. The Rams fell four times, and all four were recovered from the Bucs. In the fourth quarter, the Bucs missed a 47 yard field-goal attempt. This fuelled an offense that was unable to protect Brady, and which had become sluggish. It was familiar to see Leonard Fournette sprint 9 yards on fourth down for a tie touchdown. The fans, who still hadn’t reached the parking lot, were now in standing areas. This is what Brady did over the past two decades. This was a better way to celebrate what could be his last game.

Although the end is never well-planned, even for the most talented players, Brady was there watching another quarterback make a remarkable heave that put his team in winning position. This did not help him imagine how he would leave. It was left to the admirers of the seven-time Super Bowl winner and the possessor a stunning consistency that drove his teams into 14 conference championship games.

It was assumed that Brady would return next season, but this has changed. Bruce Arians, the Bucs’ head coach, was clear that Brady would be back next season. Brady was the one who made it happen..

Brady once stated that he would quit if he failed to succeed. He had an MVP-caliber season this season. Mike Evans, the receiver, said that he was one of the most talented players and leaders he has ever seen.

Evans stated, “We need his back.” He’s not wrong.

The blueprint that the Rams now follow was created by the Bucs when they signed Brady. You don’t need to build slowly and steadily. You can get the quarterback you trust by all means, and then you should build as much talent as possible around him. Last season, the Bucs won the Lombardi Trophy. The Rams could do it this season.