Steelers fans donate to Daniel Carlson’s charity for sending them to playoffs

Steelers gave a huge thanks to Daniel Carlson, Las Vegas Raiders kicker, and all those who helped them get to the playoffs.

Sunday was an emotional rollercoaster ride for Steelers fans. The Jaguars won the Colts’ game. All that was needed was for a tie between the Raiders & Chargers.

The two teams reached overtime in dramatic fashion and it appeared that the Raiders would lose. Daniel Carlson, however, kicked the game-winning field goals as time expired. Steelers fans now race to donate to Carlson’s charity as a thank you.

Pittsburgh Steelers fans aren’t wasting time in thanking Daniel Carlson

This is priceless. It was almost as if this matchup was going in a tie. That would have eliminated Pittsburgh from the postseason hunt. It would also have likely ended the career Ben Roethlisberger’s as a quarterback.

Carlson instead, with ice in all his veins, drove the field goal. The Raiders continued to move on and the Chargers ended up being knocked out. After the ball hit the uprights, party went off all across Pittsburgh.

Carlson saved the day, saving thousands of lives. Now, folks in the Steel City are finding the different charities he’s been involved with and making their donations. At the end of the day, everybody wins here – other than the Chargers of course.

This weekend the Steelers will take on the Chiefs while the Raiders head to Cincinnati to take down the Bengals. No matter what happens, Steelers supporters will be forever indebted to Carlson’s efforts in Week 18.