After 2021, the Seahawks do not plan to trade QB Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson stated this week that his goal was to win more Super Bowls, and he intends to do so in Seattle. The Seahawks and their star quarterback seem to be on the exact same page at this point.

According to Seahawks sources familiar with their thinking, Wilson has not been traded and the team is continuing as if Wilson will still be their QB in 2022 despite any changes made in the aftermath of today’s disappointing season against Cardinals.

Pete Carroll, the Seahawks coach, is now in uncertain waters as his first losing decade in a decade has come to an end. It’s a situation that even those who know him well don’t know.

Carroll, who is still owed close the $50 million on his contract through 2025, and other members of the front desk are scheduled to meet with Jody Allen, team chairwoman, this week. Sources informed that the expected sitdowns are commonplace after the season but not a sign of significant changes.

Carroll’s firing will not result in a firing for wins or losses. A Super Bowl champion and the winningest coach in Seahawks history – 118-73-1 with nine playoff appearances in 12 seasons at the helm – Carroll would only be out if he and Seahawks brass aren’t on the same page regarding plans moving forward. If they don’t agree on the plans, a mutual parting would be possible.

The Seahawks are in a difficult situation right now.

Wilson said before the season that he didn’t like the protection offered by the offensive lines. He also voiced his dissatisfaction with the coaching staff’s play calling and philosophy. After last season, the Seahawks fired Brian Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator and hired Shane Waldron to replace him — something Wilson was involved in. Wilson couldn’t be happier with his outlook for the future after a disappointing 2021 season. He was injured in a finger fracture that ended his career.

Wilson stated that he did not request a trade last season, but provided a list with teams he would be willing to play for in the event of a trade. It is not clear what will happen to Wilson (33), if he takes a more aggressive approach in this offseason.

Carroll, 70, is positive about Seattle’s future and sources close to him say that he hasn’t indicated any plans to retire.