Russell Wilson discusses Seahawks future following a potential Seattle game.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback made a significant statement after his possible last game with them.

Russell Wilson made a statement about his future after what could have been his last game with Seattle Seahawks. Wilson has been the Seahawks’ starting quarterback for many years and has led Seattle to several Super Bowls and numerous wins.

Wilson now speaks out about what he wants for the future, after a rough season and some rumors about potential trades.

Seattle fans will be delighted with the words of their quarterback.

Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson discusses the future of the team after beating Arizona Cardinals

The Seahawks are in a very difficult situation. They’ll really need to evaluate whether or not they want to continue on with Wilson or actually commit to a full on rebuild going forward.

Except for a few minor dents or dings, such as an MCL sprain 2016, a finger injury that sidelined him this season?,nd some ankle injuries HereAnd There areWilson has remained relatively healthy throughout his career.

Still, all of this is worth considering along with his age and how much he’s being paid.

The nature of this sport is a tough one and there’s a physical toll that comes with it. He will eventually succumb to it, as many others. The 33-year-old quarterback won’t be getting any younger. He will, inevitably, slow down.

Given His contract is quite expensive. it will eventually be difficult to surround him with a talented enough supporting cast to overcome any eventual decline.

Wilson should also think about his future. He likely doesn’t have another decade left in the NFL. His window of opportunity for a championship is closing.

If he wants to cement his legacy with another championship or two and if he doesn’t think Seattle is a place to do that, then he should look at the possibility of waiving his contract’s no trade clause (which he reportedly has considered in the past).

That’s not to say that the Seahawks must trade him or that Wilson should push for a trade, but if they want to go forward with one, they’re better off doing that sooner rather than later. Wilson’s stock is high right now. A trade can bring you huge returns.

Although it appeared that a trade was possible in the past, Wilson and Seahawks now plan to maintain their current path and explore other avenues for the roster.