NGS’s new Passing Score metric is used to rank the 14 playoff quarterbacks.

Passing Score:

  • Ranking among 31 Qualified QB: 8th
  • Last 3 seasons 2020: 93 (7th) | 2019: 85 (17th) | 2018: 91 (8th)
  • Total passes EPA on all attempts: +148.4 (7th)
  • EPA/attempt: +0.21 (11th)
  • The best:Week 5 vs. Dolphins (92)

Brady, 44 years old is now on the road to his eighth Super Bowl ring. Brady will be making his 46th playoff start, but the 11 other starting quarterbacks have played in a total of 44 playoff games. Brady was the league’s leader in pass attempts and first in yards, completions (5,316), and touchdowns (43). Brady didn’t have an exceptional season from an efficiency perspective, even though he holds high standards. Brady ranks eighth in passer efficiency with an NGS Passing Score of 88 — a slight drop from his 93 score last year. 

Important to remember that the passing score doesn’t include sacks. This is where Brady shines the brightest. Brady only took 22 sacks last season, which tied him for the second-lowest among qualified quarterbacks. However, Brady led the NFL in total drops this season (3.0%). However, Brady’s position at the top of the game as a passer has not changed. He ranks in the top 10 in 14 NGS passing fractions in 2021. This includes six splits within the top 5. 

Brady’s mastery of his own offense and opposing defensive tendencies has fueled his Hall of Fame career. It is not surprising that Brady was fourth in third down passing with a score of 96. Brady’s investment in his health has also paid dividends, with his right arm yet to show signs of decline. Brady fits well in Bruce Arians’ offensive scheme, which runs vertical routes at the highest league rate since 2019 (33%). Brady was able to achieve a maximum passing score of 99 while he was targeting vertical routes. Adding to defensive coordinators’ headaches when game planning for the Buccaneers offense this season, Brady also owned the second-best score on passes under 10 air yards. 

Key Scores by Situation:

  • The tackle box contains: 88 (5th)
  • Under 10 air yards: 87 (2nd)
  • Deep passes: 91 (10th)