Raiders, Steelers clinch AFC wild-card playoff berths

The Las Vegas Raiders are now on the road to victory, despite tragedy and turbulence.

The Raiders defeated Los Angeles Chargers in overtime on Sunday to secure their first playoff spot since 2016. Additionally, the result earned the Steelers a wild card berth.

The Raiders, ranked fifth in the AFC, will open play at the No. 4 Cincinnati Bengals at 4:30 p.m. ET. ET. 2 Kansas City Chiefs will face the Steelers on Sunday at 8 :15 p.m. ET.

Rich Bisaccia, interim coach, led the Raiders to their fourth straight victory. The Raiders (10-7), eliminated the Chargers (9-8), and were thus in postseason contention.

Bisaccia was the first interim coach to take a Super Bowl team to the playoffs. After Jon Gruden’s resignation, the Raiders are now 6-5.

After a Week 14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs 48-9, Las Vegas fell to 6-7. This was its fifth loss in six games. However, the Raiders have shown incredible resilience and have won a string nail-biters to remain in playoff contention.

Steelers (9-7-1), a team that defeated the Baltimore Ravens earlier on the day, was ushered into the postseason by the Chargers’ victory and the Indianapolis Colts loss. Pittsburgh’s win over the Colts secured a playoff spot, provided that the Chargers-Raiders match didn’t finish in a tie.