Packers could lose OC Nathaniel Hackett for a head-coaching job

Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett could be losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ head-coaching position.

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Hackett left Duval to join Matt LaFleur’s Green Bay staff in 2019. Jacksonville cratered immediately upon Hackett’s departure. Now, the Jaguars are searching for their third coach in as many seasons. Jacksonville is currently the only NFL vacancy, but the Jaguars have begun their search for the next head coach. Hackett will interview for the team during the bye.

“I owed it to this organization, all these players, we wanted to wrap up that No. 1 seed,” said Hackett on Thursday. “That was so important to do. And it’s absolutely an honor to be even considered for something like this.”

“So we’re going to do it during the bye because we wrapped up that No. 1 seed. We’re really excited about that opportunity. I mean, it’s a dream for any football coach to even have an opportunity to potentially become a head coach.”

What are the chances Hackett will be named next Jaguars head coach?

Green Bay Packers could lose OC Nathaniel Hackett, who is now with the Jacksonville Jaguars

Hackett, out of the many applicants for the Jacksonville position, is the one to watch. The other two are former Jaguars quarterback and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Bryon Leftwich, as well as former Houston Texans head coach and current Alabama Crimson Tide offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien. These are the three finalists.

Hackett has a great chance of succeeding because he not only thrives in Green Bay but also represents the best of Doug Marrone’s era in Jacksonville. Interestingly enough, Marrone is working with O’Brien now on Nick Saban’s staff as the Crimson Tide’s offensive line coach. Hackett could also be considered for a few other positions outside of Jacksonville, such as Denver.

Hackett almost certain to get a job as a coach after another NFC Championship Game appearance. We will see if that’s Jacksonville. It is a good time for him to be offered this opportunity. It might ease the pressure on both sides to reach a deal by allowing him to interview with Jaguars before the playoffs.

Jacksonville may not be able fill its vacancy immediately if Hackett is their choice.