Packers: Aaron Rodgers laughably denies the rumors that Super Bowl boycott is coming in funny tweet

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers addressed rumors he’s planning to boycott the Super Bowl with a hilarious tweet.

Aaron Rodgers believes the latest rumor that he will miss the Super Bowl in protest against NFL COVID protocols, is just as absurd as it seems.

The Packers quarterbacks took to Twitter in an attempt to ridicule the idea.

He ridiculed the idea so much that he told Jordan Love (backup quarterback) to be ready. After that, he released a bunch of hashtags to convey just how insane the story is.

Aaron Rodgers delves into a report about him missing the Super Bowl

He joked with Packers quarterback Kurt Benkert over the source of the story.

Rodgers could have denied the story, but instead he chose to ether it. He was right to do that. From the beginning, the story seemed dubious.

Rodgers should not be denied the opportunity to win another Super Bowl ten years after his first. He might disagree with COVID protocols but that’s a tactic well beyond the scope of believability.

Rodgers’ response says it all with no room for interpretation.

Green Bay players have to get their first Super Bowl trophy before they can think about how they might handle Super Bowl week. Rodgers, Rodgers, and co. secured the No. 1 seed in the NFC last week and they’ll close out the regular season against the Lions on Sunday.

The next challenge is to survive the playoffs. The Packers have made it to the NFC Championship Game four times since they won it all in 2010 but they’ve fallen each time, including the last two seasons.