NFL Twitter freaks at Chargers’ Retread to Force OT vs. Raiders

NFL Twitter couldn’t believe the Chargers pulled off a comeback to force OT with the Raiders in a game where a tie would send both teams to the playoffs.

The last week of regular season NFL action did not disappoint. The Chargers-Raiders game was the cherry atop it all.

Both sides were fighting for their playoff lives and Steelers’, so the game had many twists and turns.

Las Vegas led by 10-0 before Los Angeles took the lead. The Raiders took the lead after a controversial pass interference call. They led 29-14 halfway through the fourth quarter.

Justin Herbert, Chargers quarterback made that deficit disappear with two incredible drives to tie it with zero time remaining.

Twitter was built around this type of development.

NFL Twitter loved the Chargers’ comeback against the Raiders

Many wondered if the sides were wistful or if they might have been joking.

Everyone was rooting for a tie, except Steelers fans who would be left out.

The Raiders had scored a field goal in overtime and the Chargers responded with a field goals of their own.

That’s how close it remained between the two teams.