NFL rumors: Five teams should trade Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers (Mandatory credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers may want to get out of the Christian McCaffrey business all together.

According to some reports, the Carolina Panthers would consider trading Christian McCaffrey.

Joseph Person of [Update News] reports the Panthers would “listen to offers” this offseason for their talented, but often-injured running back. McCaffrey was the Panthers’ No. 8th overall pick in 2017 NFL Draft from Stanford. McCaffrey was an All Pro in 2019, but only 10 games were played in his last two seasons. His contract is an absolute albatrossRight now

For that reason, McCaffrey’s market is not as robust as one would think. Here are five teams that could be interested trading for McCaffrey, the former Heisman Trophy runner up.

5 NFL teams who should trade Christian McCaffrey for this offseason


Who says you can’t go home? Christian McCaffrey is from Mile High City

McCaffrey is proud to have supported the Denver Broncos even though they face bigger offensive problems than just the ground game. His father Ed caught passes by John Elway at the slot in his Pro Bowl career of the 1990s. This homecoming could excite Broncos fans that have waited to cheer for a winner since Super Bowl 50.

Denver may be home to the Available cap space to take on McCaffrey’s burdensome contract, but the Broncos will in all likelihood finish the season Top half of rushing. Again, they have bigger fish to fry than bringing Ed McCaffrey’s son into the equation. If George Paton, the general manager, believes McCaffrey is capable of taking on another starting quarterback’s workload then go ahead.

McCaffrey finds the Broncos more of a nostalgic landing spot than anything else.