In Patriots’ win, Mac Jones smiles with Bill Belichick

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. NEW ENGLAND Patriots rookie quarterback Mac Jones rebounded from two of the worst performances of the season against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars in Sunday’s 50-10 victory. Jones displayed the kind of determination that has earned him the respect of both his coaches and his teammates since his first day.

Jones and his Patriots wanted complete dominance. It was the best definition of a win-lose game against an inferior foe.

Jones was 22-of-30 and gained 227 yards. He also scored three touchdowns. The No. 15 selection in the 2021 NFL draft was outplayed by the No. Trevor Lawrence was the No. 1 pick. He went 17-of 27 for 193 yards with one touchdown, three interceptions, and one touchdown.

Given the poor record of the Jaguars (2-14), it is difficult to draw any conclusions from a big picture perspective.

Jones and the Patriots moved to 10-6 with this win. They clinched a playoff spot with a combination victory and loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Jones and Bill Belichick, two very serious personalities, shared a memorable moment in Sunday’s fourth quarter. They were giggling together on the sidelines.

Belichick stated that Belichick is a great coach, because he is so flexible and willing to help you do things the way you want.[Offensive coordinator] Josh [McDaniels]He has done an amazing job with him and Mac has accepted the wisdom Josh has shared to him. He did an amazing job today.”

Although the Jaguars had been plagued by COVID-19 absences during the week before the game, the Patriots lost back-to-back games in which Jones was unable to pass and interceptions (two TD passes) and they didn’t play with the fundamentals and discipline required to win in the postseason. They had to start somewhere.

Jones said, “We talked about it being us, it doesn’t have much to do with other teams,” and then he waited for Lawrence on field and shared a hug with him. “We need to be focused on what we are supposed to do and how we can improve it, which was something we haven’t done in recent weeks. I thought it was a great step today.”

Belichick also echoed these comments after the game. We just need to keep going. We can only hope that we will do it and see where it leads us.”

Jones enjoyed playoff football, which was made possible by Jones’ strong running game, which produced 181 yards on 36 attempts. This should be a boon for the Patriots in the long-term.

He stated that “any sport you play, it’s important to have a chance to compete for a championship and a spot in the playoffs.” We have a huge game next week and that’s where we’ll be focusing on, finishing strong. We’ll stay where we are and then, when the next thing happens, we’ll have a plan and attack it.”

The “big game” is against the Dolphins on the road, which has always been troubled; the Patriots are currently 2-7 in South Florida during December and January under Belichick.

Jones broke the Patriots’ single season record for touchdown passes made by rookies (20), which was set in 1971 by Jim Plunkett. He enters the game with confidence following one of his finest performances of the season that earned him praise from Belichick.

“Mac is extremely consistent. Mac sees every day as the same day. He’s always prepared. He gets in on time. Belichick stated, “He’s ready for anything.” He’s intelligent and a great learner. He is a good learner. He’s a skilled mechanic. He has worked hard to improve every day…and has only improved in each area over the course the year.”