Kliff Kingsbury believes Kyler Murray will play the “best game of his career” in his playoff debut against the Rams

After a late season slump, Kyler Murray will be heading to his first career postseason match. Kliff Kingbury believes that his quarterback will be at his best against the Los Angeles Rams, despite the recent struggles.

Kingsbury stated Wednesday that he believes this is what he has been waiting for the past three years. ESPN. “He is a man who wants to play for something and knows that he is playing for something.

“This is his debut shot at the playoffs. I expect him to play the best of his career. I know he will give it all he has.

Sans DeAndre Hopkins, the Cardinals offense has struggled to put up points consistently. Arizona has lost four of five games in a row and only one game saw it score more than 25 goals — the loss to Seattle in Week 18. Kingsbury’s team started with a 7-0 record and the Cards scored 30+ points in six of its seven first games.

Murray has only seven passing TDs in seven of his games (a 17-yard pass TD in Weeks 1-7). Arizona is now 2-5. Murray completed only 65.5 percent of his passes, averaging 6.9 yard per attempt, a 7-5 TD/INT rate, and an 86.5 passer ratings. (First seven games: 73.5 percent completion rate, 9.0 yards per attempt, 17-5 TD-INT ratio, 116.8 rating.)

Murray has shown signs of regaining his form from early seasons despite the difficulties. He was fantastic in Dallas. And again, last week, he made jaw-dropping throws that moved the ball up-and down the field. Even though he didn’t get much help, his receivers were there to assist him.

Quarterbacks making their first postseason appearance in a career have struggled the last five seasons. With at least 10 passes in the last five seasons, 18 QBs made their playoff debuts with a 57.5% success rate, 6.2 yards on average and a 78.1 passer rating. In those 18 games, their clubs went 8-10.

Murray was a big-skilled player who made it big in high school and college. Murray will get his first chance to demonstrate that star-studded playing can translate to the NFL.