Chris Jones needs to be at his best in Kansas City Chiefs’ pursuit of AFC No. 1. seed

KANSAS CITY (Mo. KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Chris Jones, the Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive lineman was enjoying his best football this season when he was struck with COVID-19. He was then out of the lineup for Week 15 against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Jones stated that the symptoms of the illness, which included congestion and body aches for Jones, set him back far more than the time he was absent. They were also a factor in Jones’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday.

Jones stated that the COVID situation is difficult. You are forced to miss so many day. You try to get back in rhythm, but it can take you out of rhythm.

“You don’t have the endurance or strength you used to have before. Every day I try to improve.

It is important that the Chiefs do this. With two games left, the Chiefs hold a narrow lead over Tennessee Titans (10-5) for the AFC’s No. 1 seed. 1 playoff seed and the conference’s first-round postseason bonus bye. Jones is expected to be at his best to win the top spot.

This season, the Chiefs have had three games without Jones. He missed the first two games of the season due to an elbow injury. The most recent was with COVID-19.

Four of the Chiefs’ best games in terms pass rush win rates have been in the five previous games. The only exception was the game against Chargers.

This is why the Chiefs closely monitor Jones.

“Just looking and watching, it seems like every guy is affected in a different way.” [by COVID-19]Brendan Daly, Chiefs’ defensive line coach Brendan Daly stated that it was for any reason. “There isn’t a broad brush that you can use to paint it. It is just a matter of working through it.

“I saw last week that he was able to go back to practice after he was integrated into the program. It seemed like there might be stamina or wind problems. He seems to have made some improvements since the day he was brought back from the COVID situation.

Jones took half the snaps he would normally have against Steelers. Steve Spagnuolo (defensive coordinator) said Jones’ decreased playing time was not due to his COVID-19 treatment but more to the game’s unfair nature. The Chiefs led early on and won the game 36-10.

Spagnuolo indicated that the Chiefs would not limit Jones against the Cincinnati Bengals this Sunday (1 p.m.). ET, CBS) If they feel he needs more rest.

He said, “Hopefully we’re over that now.”

Jones and the Chiefs’ pass rushers could have a huge game Sunday. Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow was sacked 47 time, the most among NFL quarterbacks.

Jones stated that Jones “has his own way of getting out from trouble when necessary.” “We need to be accurate in our angles and how we deal with this guy this week.

It is surprising that the Chiefs haven’t rushed Jones more when he is out of the team. They have a solid defensive line that includes Jones, and three other players who have had at least 10 sack seasons in their careers.

Daly stated that eight men have contributed in a significant manner to the group. We’ve seen high quality production from everyone in that group. It’s easy to have confidence in the players you put out on the field. This has allowed us to stay fresh and play well.