“Job’s not over”: Derek Carr of the Raiders finally makes it to the playoffs. But, he still wants more

HENDERSON (Nev.) — A slow, relaxed smile His face is slowly being sneered atHe called timeout with just two seconds remaining in overtime on Sunday night, in front of an Allegiant Stadium crowd that was part rowdy Raider Nation and part cool Vegas lounge act, and it spoke volumes.

Derek Carr, the Las Vegas Raiders’ quarterback, was in his eighth NFL season, and his 127th career match, and was planning to play in this postseason. Finally.

It didn’t really matter if Daniel CarlsonTo beat the Los Angeles Chargers, he made a 47-yard field goal attempt (the Raiders would be AFC’s No. 5 seed, and travel to No. 4 seed Cincinnati Bengals (if he did), or missed it (the Raiders will be the No. 7 seed, and travel to No. 2 Kansas City Chiefs in this case). Carr and Raiders were both in.

Carlson drove it for the Raiders’ sixth record-breaking walk-off win of this season. Carr’s 30ThThis career-defining drive in the fourth period, also known as OT, not only forced Las Vegas to the postseason, but it also allowed the Raiders and Chargers to stop them from reaching the finals.

Perhaps the relief smile was more like a “Take it, haters!” smirk.

If it was the former, could you blame him? Carr, the most polarizing figure of franchise history — fans either love or loathe Carr and there is nothing in between), achieved personal and team goals with the win by 35 to 32 to increase the Raiders record to 10-7 during this lengthy, often-heated 17-game campaign.

“Like my favorite Kobe player [Bryant]Carr stated, “Job’s still not done,” after the game.

It may be just the beginning for a team and a quarterback that appeared poised to lose and undergo a complete rebuild after being embarrassed 48-9 by Kansas City on December 12 to fall to 6-7. It was even more evident after Carr’s head scratching deep ball intercept at the Cleveland Browns in regulation, a week and one day later.

But the Raiders rallied to win that game, the first of four straight victories, and now Carr can add playoff QB to a résumé that already includes virtually every passing record in Raiders history, even if he has lost 13 more games than he has won in his career (57-70). Saturday will see his playoff debut against the Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium (4 :30 p.m. ET, NBC).

Carr admitted that it was nice to be there, but it is not the first time. He suffered a broken right fibula during the final game of the season and missed the Raiders’ playoff appearance.

It’s an exciting time for me. This is something I’ve longed to do since the day I was drafted. It’s what I want to do, and that’s get to the playoffs. It’s great that we are in the tournament. Like I said, I’m very thankful. I have worked hard. It was something I hoped to experience one day. It’s cool.

“But at the exact same time, my goal was not just to get into the playoffs. It was also a part. You always have bigger dreams and goals, and you strive to achieve more. It’s exciting for me but I also have to stay focused on the task at hand.

Two Raiders players are still on the roster of the 2016 Raiders team, which finished 12-4 and was hammered by the Houston Texans in a Wild-Card game. They were Carr and Jalen Richard.

Talk about turnover.

“As a quarterback, from [five]From years ago to today, he’s way more than what he used to be back then, even though he was having MVP talks back then,” Richard said, adding that Carr is smarter, stronger, and more fun than ever. “He loves to move his arms.

“I was so sorry for him in 2016, when he wasn’t able finish the season the same way he wanted. It was again because he had such a stellar year. He’s now coming in [and] he’s It’s glowing. Man, I was so happy that he was here.”

Carr passed for 4,804 yards in this season’s fifth season. This is a Raiders record. It surpasses the 4,689 yards Rich Gannon gained in his MVP 16-game season in 2002.

Carr’s 3.7% TD% was third lowest in his career. He had 23 TD passes, on a career high of 626 attempts. His career highs of 14 interceptions, 13 fumbles and 40 sacks are his highest.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (147), Archie Manning (139), and Carr (106) have played more regular season games without making a playoff appearance.

To use Carr’s maxim, “No one cares” is the best way to put it.

This was not even considering the distractions and adversity faced by the team and QB this season. From coach Jon Gruden’s abrupt resignation in the wake his email scandal to Henry Ruggs III’s high-speed car accident that claimed the lives of a 23 year-old woman with her dog, Henry Ruggs III. Damon ArnetteGruden sued the NFL after he was filmed making death threats and flashing guns. Gruden was then cut. Nate HobbsDUI arrest

You wouldn’t if the franchise motto was “Just Win, Baby,” right!

Carr’s tight end Darren Waller stated that Carr has been “the same person all the time,” despite facing adversity week after week. Although the results might not have been as expected, Derek has remained the same person, and has improved as both a leader and as a player. Now, the results are in favor of us. Derek has been the same general and the same leader throughout his career.

“His hair is longer but it’s still the exact same guy.”

Oh, yes, the hair. Carr stated that he hasn’t had it cut since training camps, as a result of a still-standing bet he made with Pro Bowl punter AJ Cole.

Carr stated, “This is honest because he said that I’ll give in.” “I believe this is a great segue…we didn’t give-up this season. My hair has not been cut since training camp because of the fact that he said I would quit. This tells you a bit about me, and how I feel.

“Lord knows I’ve been home many times after talking with you all. Your human emotions are like “Why do I do this?” You instantly remember why you do it. … “I’ve been waiting eight years for the playoffs.”