This is Bill Belichick’s greatest coaching job with the New England Patriots.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The New England Patriots’ regular season finale against the Miami Dolphins was not yet over. Jay Feely, a CBS analyst, shared his perspective on the surprising position that the team found itself in. With 10 wins and already secured a playoff spot, Jay Feely shared his thoughts with CBS.

“This is Bill Belichick’s best coaching job. He is the greatest coach of all times, but this year, I believe he was the best. [offensive coordinator]Feely said that Josh McDaniels did a fantastic job.”

Belichick’s 2021 season has plenty of competition — his résumé is pretty impressive, after all — but ESPN analyst Damien Woody can understand why Feely believes it.

Belichick leads his Patriots (10-7), into Saturday night’s wild-card matchup (8.15 p.m. ET, CBS) against Buffalo Bills (11-6), having earned the respect and admiration of many in the NFL, including his former offensive lineman.

Woody, who was a Patriots player from 1999 through 2003, said that “You could argue this is the greatest job he has ever done.” He sign a lot of free agents in the offseason. Mac Jones is then drafted, the fifth of the “Big 5”. [of first-round quarterbacks]It then proceeds to put the team together. It can be difficult to combine a lot of free agents with a rookie quarterback and create a culture that is welcoming to all. It takes a great coach to be able do that and get the team back in postseason.

Scott Zolak (ex-Patriots backup quarterback) highlighted these hurdles in discussing Belichick’s unique 2021 coaching position.

“They’re pleasantly amazed where they are. He said that Bill would not admit it, but he believed they were ahead of schedule. “Maybe next year, you think playoffs, but this year, you think ‘find yourself, reload the quarterback’s feet’ and then you crank up.”

One area is however problematic.

Zolak stated that “the special teams errors were surprising”. He referred to three blocked punts as well as other costly penalties. For example, Lawrence Guy, defensive tackle, lined up over the snapper on Sunday in New England’s 33-24 loss to Miami.

Zolak looks at Belichick’s 2021 season from a large-picture perspective and sees a mixture of the earlier years and the latter years of the two-decade-long team run with quarterback Tom Brady.

“We all know it was early — a lot older veterans had that chip in their shoulder with a young quarterback who developed. He said that they found their way. “Later, the quarterback was the veteran. Now you have to deal with a younger defense that has the offense leading you. They have a good balance now, I believe.”

What does Belichick’s 2021 campaign with the Patriots rank in comparison to other great coaching jobs? Although officials may penalize the list for an incorrect start, this is a long-standing reporter’s top 10.

1. 2001:Belichick had just finished a 5-11 season as Patriots coach, and the team was at 0-2 when Drew Bledsoe sustained a serious injury. In one of the most significant decisions of his career, Belichick decided to keep Brady, his second-year quarterback.

The Patriots teamed up with Ron Wolf, a former Green Bay general manger. Ron called it a “stabilizing team.”Waiver wire team“” won Super Bowl XXXVI, beating the Rams 20-17.

Woody was part that squad.

“Listen, it’s possible to put it No. 1. He said, “I won’t argue against you.” “We were at 0-2, then 1-3 and there was a lot more noise with people asking if Belichick is still the man. To be able navigating those waters and beat The Greatest Show on Turf to the Super Bowl… who had high expectations in 2001?

2. 2008:This year could have been disastrous for the Patriots, who were trying a rebound from their loss to Super Bowl XLII. Their hopes of a 190-0 season had been shattered. Brady tore the ACL on Brady’s 15th offensive play, and was then out for the season.

“Come on, now!” Woody excitedly exclaimed, “Come on now![Backup QB]Matt Cassel, who had by the way never started college at USC, steps up and gets him coached. It’s obvious that he has the support of his entire team. But, think about how amazing that is.

The Patriots went 11-5, but didn’t make it to the playoffs. This was due to what some considered a soft schedule against the AFC West or NFC West divisions that were in down cycles at the time.

3. 2014: “We’re moving on to Cincinnati.”Do you need more? It had been a decade that the Patriots had won a Super Bowl. The season opened at 2-2. They lost 41-14 to the Kansas City Chiefs. Brady was then pulled in the fourth quarter. The Super Bowl was won by them with a thrilling fourth-quarter win against the Seattle Seahawks.

4. 2003:After the Patriots missed the playoffs in 2002, safety lawyer Milloy was fired. The season opener at Buffalo saw a 31-0 defeat with Milloy starting for Bills. The Patriots won their second Super Bowl title with a record of 2-2. They were led by Belichick’s best defense.

5. 2018:They seemed lost in December after a loss at Miami in Week 14 and another loss the week following in Pittsburgh. But, they were able to reinvent themselves over the final five weeks to become a dominant power-running team on their way to a surprise Super Bowl victory. Belichick’s clutch, Patriots-style complementary soccer was evident in their win in Kansas City.

6. 2021:Although this may be due to recency bias, the team made it to the playoffs with Jones as the head coach (many believed he would be behind Cam Newton this season), and many new pieces thanks to Belichick’s and his staff’s excellence.

7. 2016:Every coach who manages a team to overcome a 28-3 deficit to win the Super Bowl is going be able to claim that season as his best. Rob Gronkowski was a poor tight end and missed 25 of the games. However, the defense allowed the league to average 15.6 points per match, which is a record despite not having many stars.

8. 2007:Although the Patriots were loaded, Tedy Bruschi, a veteran of the Patriots, recalls what happened behind-the scenes. He said that Belichick never coached them more than during that undefeated regular league season. There was never a moment of despair. Sometimes the best coaching jobs are those that work with the best teams. They keep them pushing for more.

9. 2004:The Patriots were the last NFL team to win back-toback Super Bowl titles. They had cornerback Troy Brown as their backup. Belichick was a fan of a rotation at runningback. But Corey Dillon, a single-season franchise record 1,635 rushing yard, won the Super Bowl title.

10. 2006:After Deion branch was traded, Reche Caldwell led the Patriots’ receiving unit with a team-high 61 catch total. The Patriots were still a play away to the Super Bowl, even if they lost the AFC Championship Game, 38-34, to Peyton Manning’s Colts. The Patriots were without safety Rodney Harrison in that game. Harrison was injured during the regular-season finale.