Antonio Brown is a Hall of Famer?

Many people are now wondering if Antonio Brown will ever make it to the Hall of Fame, as he is likely to take his last snap in the NFL. 

Antonio Brown is a Hall of Famer?

The answer to this question is as complex as Brown’s accomplishments.

Yes, Brown is a highly skilled payer at his position. Brown was undoubtedly the best route-runner in 2010s. He cut and connected with Ben Roethlisberger for years, before he got a Super Bowl touchdown in Tampa.

His 928 receptions rank 21st among all time, his 12,291 yards rank 24th, and his 83 touchdowns rank 24th. He was a fourtime first-team All Pro and had six consecutive seasons with over 100 receptions and more than 1,200 yards.

The numbers support his argument.

Tony Toe-Tap was also famous for the wrong reasons, in ways that the NFL community would not be proud to recognize. Brown has a Long history of off-field transgressionsIncludes He was accused of sexual assault and settled the case with his former trainer.

Recent Buccaneers reports confirm that Brown did indeed dishonor the game by quitting mid-game due to disappointment at his low target percentage.

Will Antonio Brown be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

While Brown’s statistical achiecements are better than many receivers in the Hall of Fame, he likely faces barrier to entry.

He is not a bad person. He shivers at the thoughtTerrell Owens was discriminated against in HOF consideration as many believed he had character problems. Owens, who was first-ballot talent, waited three years to be inducted, and Owens had “arguably the second greatest statistical output for a wide receiver in NFL history.

The Hall of Fame committee, no matter how they claim it, is an imperfect committee made up of human beings with different moral and biases. Even if they’re not supposed to consider off-field behavior, they certainly do.

Darren Sharper is unlikely to be included in the Hall of Fame. Owens was forced to wait three years due his incredible talent. Corrections to journalists about how to pronounce his nameAnd the like.

The diva wide receiver trope unfairly bars many wideouts on receiving the recognition they deserve, because to some extent, one’s personality should have no bearing on what one accomplishes between the sidelines.

Brown would make the debate more contentious than Owens. Perhaps his offenses off the field, despite his contributions to football, will crumble under the scrutiny of the Hall of Fame.