“I’ve never been more passionate about a tie in my entire life.”

Los Angeles Chargers entered Sunday evening’s game against Las Vegas Raiders hoping to win. They ended the game praying for a tie. They got neither, as Daniel Carlson nailed the game-winning field goal as time expired in overtime. The Raiders are now heading to the postseason. The Chargers will be at home.

“I had never been rooting for a tie more in my life,” quarterback Justin Herbert said The Associated Press. “That’s what it means to be so close.”

After being down 15 points in the fourth quarter, Chargers came back with two Herbert TD pass, one of them as the time expired in regulation.

After the teams exchanged field goals, the Raiders drove across the midfield and had the option to play for win or tie. This would have sent both the Raiders and the Steelers to the postseason.

Brandon Staley, Chargers’ coach called a timeout four seconds before the end of the play clock after Josh Jacobs ran 7 yards. The decision caused a lot of division after the game. However, the first-year coach stated that he called a timeout in an effort to slow down the Raiders’ run.

He said that “we needed to get into the right grouping.” According to the L.A. Times. “We felt they were going to run it. So we decided to… make that substitution in order to get a play where the field goal would be deeper.

The move did not work. Jacobs ran 10 yards and Carlson made the 47-yard field goal.

After Staley’s timeout there was much discussion on social media. The perception was that the Raiders were happy with a tie. Vegas had an incentive to win to avoid a first round meeting with the Kansas City Chiefs. Derek Carr suggested that Vegas’ plans were changed by the timeout after the game.

Carr stated, “It definitely did,” in a post-game interview with Michelle Tafoya of NBC. “But, we knew, no matter how, that we didn’t want a tie. We wanted to win the football match.

Perhaps Raiders were motivated to block better and get more yards after the timeout. This is about the only significant change that could have been made. Vegas seemed poised to play the ball. After the timeout, it ran the ball.

The Chargers were not harmed by the timeout. Their inability stop the run was what did it. It cost them dearly Sunday night. They lost their lives all season. It was the most shocking moment of the season when the Achilles heel burst.