Giants reportedly keeping Joe Judge, telling fans they don’t care at all

Joe Judge is reportedly coming back for a third season as the New York Giants continue to show they don’t care about their fans.

The New York Giants’ 2021 season is a remarkable one. They have gradually become the NFL’s worst-run company. Despite a litany of embarrassments down the stretch, including a bizarre 11-minute rant following a Week 17 loss to the Chicago Bears and six-straight double-digit losses to end the season, the Giants are likely bringing Joe Judge back for a third season, CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson reports.

Giants owner John Mara still plans to meet Judge. Judge was ridiculed yesterday by the NFL for calling quarterbacks sneaky inside their own five-yard lines to set up punts.

Anderson is also moving on with the Giants from GM Dave Gettleman. ReportsThis means that the new General Manager will inherit a head coach who has been a successful 10-23 in the past two seasons.

Joe Judge could be the Giants’ next fan revolt.

There has been word for weeks that Mara believes he is a Bill Belichick-type with Judge. Judge has led a team that has been a complete disaster for several weeks. There has been a general apathy with the Giants’ fan base which resulted in roughly 15,000 people attending yesterday’s game against Washington, turning MetLife Stadium into a ghost town at best.

Another factor behind the organization’s decision to keep Judge appears to be a concern that firing him now would mark the third time in a row that the Giants have fired a head coach within two years of his hire, joining Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmur. The problem with that philosophy is that Judge has proven that he isn’t a good NFL head coach and keeping him for the sake of avoiding the revolving door mentality is compounding the initial mistake of a bad hire.

Retaining Judge will also reduce interest in the vacant GM role since no self-respecting candidate would want to take on a job that has minimal cap space, a roster without talent, no sure-fire franchise quarterback, or a head coaching who has won 10 in a row. Judge will be following a different schedule than the new GM, and will want to win next season to save his job. This can have disastrous consequences for the franchise.

You can see the Giants from across the building to see evidence of the problem with the New York Jets. They started their dysfunctional cycle in 2013 when they fired Mike Tannenbaum and retained Rex Ryan as their coach. After two years of marriage, Ryan and John Idzik broke down, leading to a miserable journey that led the Jets to their longest playoff drought in league history, which has now reached 11 years.

Judge’s dislike has grown as former Giants players like Michael Strahan and fans have declared that the team is in a difficult place. A clean reset is the best path forward and that doesn’t involve keeping a head coach that has won 10 games in two seasons while losing respectability in the process.