After two seasons, Joe Judge is fired as Giants head coach

New York was 4-13 in 2021. This tied the franchise’s worst record for consecutive losses in a season. Judge also lost six consecutive games to close Judge’s tenure. Judge’s 2020 Giants lost their first five games, en route to a 6-10 record. His time in Gotham was much the same. The Giants showed some promise and seemed to be moving in the right direction during that first season.

Judge was passionate about the 2021 season and spoke passionately about how the team was making progress internally to ensure 2022 success. Judge also defends his tenure saying the Giants aren’t a clown organization after their Week 17 loss to Bears, 29-3. But the losses were not being ignored by the fiery press conferences.

The results were far more important than the histrionics of the news conferences.

Judge was a former special-teams coordinator with the New England Patriots. His first head-coaching opportunity saw him bring an old-school approach that earned headlines for his ability to make players and coaches run for punishment.

Some saw his method as a legacy of the past and his teams failed to move forward.

Daniel Jones, a former first round pick, suffered injuries and was not able to make it as the team’s future franchise quarterback. Saquon barkley, the Giants’ running back, suffered more injuries and saw his production drop. Judge’s two years as Giants offensive coordinator were a problem. The offense averaged 16.3 points per match, which was the lowest score in the NFL. Although the Giants fired Jason Garrett, the offensive coordinator of the Giants, the move didn’t produce any results. The unit continued to decline after Garrett was fired.

His defenses gave hope in that span but still placed 17th overall.

The Giants were determined to make a splash during the 2021 offseason. They signed wide receiver John Ross and tighten end Kyle Rudolph. In addition, they made the big move to sign wide receiver Kenny Golladay. All of those moves failed to make a significant impact.

Judge was supposed to bring back a proud franchise from the ashes of a postseason drought that began in 2016. Judge’s first two seasons saw the Giants increase their string of double-digit loss seasons to five. Since Super Bowl XLVI, the Giants have not won a playoff match. They also have only one playoff trip in the last 10 years.

The jury has been seated and the judge is gone.

Giants are looking forward to a new dawn.